2008 Event 54 World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 1B

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2008 WSOP Event 54
World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 1B

Individual Event Reports

Event #54 -- World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 1B

  • Number of players Day 1A: 1,297, Remaining 636
  • Number of players Day 1B: 1,158, Remaining 615
Notes from the WSOP:

This was the first time any part of the Main Event was played on the Independence Day holiday. The number of players registered for Day 1-B was 1,158. Day 1-A attracted 1,297 entries. The combined number of players who have now played in the main event totals 2,455. Note: These numbers have little bearing on the actual total number who will play in the Main Event, since registration remains open until Sunday, after the completion of two levels of play.

Country music artist Andy Griggs opened Day Two with a rousing a cappella version of the national anthem. Griggs has recorded more than a dozen country hits. Prior to his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner he asked that all veterans in the room to stand up and be recognized. This brought a nice round of applause from the players.

Former WSOP Main Event champions who played on Day 1-B included Tom McEvoy (1983), Robert Varkonyi (2002), Greg "Fossilman" Raymer (2004), and Jamie Gold (2006). McEvoy, Raymer, and Gold were eliminated. Scotty Nguyen survived Day 1-A, which means only two former champs remain from the first two days - Nguyen and Varkonyi. Note: The remaining former champions will play Day 1-C and 1-D.

12:00 pm
Day 1B has now begun. In another update which was just made official, tournament pro and gold bracelet winner Erick Lindgren is the 2008 WSOP "Player of the Year."

To recap the overview for Day 1B, the breaks, goal for level play, blinds and starting chips will be the same as on Day 1A.

12:15 pm
Country music star Andy Griggs sang the US national anthem in true patriotic fashion on July 4th for the players. And it was 2007 Main Event champion Jerry Yang that gave the directive to "Shuffle Up and Deal!", kicking off Day 1B of the Main Event. Yang will not be playing today, but will return on Sunday to defend his title.

1:47 pm
Seen on the floor today are 2004 Main Event champion Greg Raymer, 2006 Main Event champion Jamie Gold, Barney Boatman, Greg Mueller, baseball pitching legend Orel Hershisher, Tony Hachem, Tom McEvoy, Vanessa Rousso, Alex Kravchenko, David Levi and Kristy Gazes. Painfully, Andy Black was one of the first casualties of the day. After getting hit several hands early on which drained his chip stack, Andy went all-in with what he had left and showed pocket J's after a flop of 7 5 3. Another player revealed 7 5, and when another 5 came up on the river for a full house, it was time for Andy to comtemplate entering 2009 World Series of Poker Events as he was no longer in this one.

Jamie Gold seemed to be looking for some of the 2006 pixie dust that might be leftover as he began to lose hands and the pots to go with them. On one hand with Gold holding pocket 2 3 and the board showing 2 3 10 10 J, a player made a big raise on the river and Gold called. The other player turned over pocket J's and scooped up the chips with a full house. Needless to say, Gold was not amused.

2:35 pm
Erick Lindgren is currently at the ESPN table and doing well so far. At this year's WSOP, he not only received the title of "Player of the Year", but won his first bracelet, and made the final table for two other events. Stephen Ladowsky busted a player bad when on a table showing 10 9 8 9 K, another player holding pocket K's moved all his chips to the middle. Ladowsky called and turned over pocket 9's for four of a kind, and dragged all those chips to his side of the table.

Ted Forrest was just eliminated after another player made an Ace high flush. Daniel Negreanu also got busted after an all-in move with a set of 6's was overcome by another player who made a set of 9's.

3:44 pm
Also in the field are Bruno Fitoussi, Patrick Antonius, Ram Vaswani, Lee Watkinson, Steve Zolotow, Theo Tran, Pat Pezzin and Nancy Todd Tyner. Dewey Tomko ended up busting out after another player made a higher straight than the one Dewey had. Play is now at Level 2 with blinds at 100/200.

4:16 pm
2004 Main Event champion Greg Raymer was eliminated from the competition just now. He went all-in with Q 8 with 8 5 5 on the board. His opponent produced pocket J's from which gave him a bigger pair than Raymer. Scott Fischman also busted out.

5:17 pm
At this time Patrick Antonius is the chip leader for Day 1B with 78,000 chips. He is followed by Michael Watson 62,000, Rael Paez 60,800, Johnney Caruso 60,100 and Aliaksandr Yalouskikih 59,200 rounding out the top 5. Remember the blind player Hal Lubarsky that participated last year in the Main Event? Well he is back and doing well on Day 1B. He recently turned his pocket 2's into a full house, cracking his opponents pocket A's and bringing up his chip total to just over 42,000.

Kenny Tran was not so lucky and is just another railbird after busting out. His A J could not survive the flush that was made by another player. David Levi also went to the sidelines after his set of 5's were crushed by another player who made a set of 8's.

6:22 pm
Jamie Gold had been highly active, trying to play as many hands as he could. But his quest for another Main Event bracelet has been denied as he is gone from the tables. After his busting hand, he shook the hands of all the other players, paid his masseuse and left. Humberto Brenes followed Gold as his pocket Q's were not enough to stave off the pocket K's of another player. Also leaving due to elimination were Conor Tate, Ram Vaswani and Olga Varkonyi. Players will be on a 90 minute dinner break starting at 7:00 pm.

9:30 pm
Action is being played at Level 4 with $150 to $300 blinds, ante $25 with about 900 players remaining. More names that are gone from this round of the Main Event include Matt Brady, Jason Grey, Alex Quintana, Jacobo Fernandez, David Bach and Orel Hershisher. Official player count for Day 1B is 1,158.

10:12 pm
Additional players who were eliminated are Todd Wittles, Dan Alspatch, Patrick Bueno and Tom McEvoy. Peter Feldman joined them after his paired 10's were no match for another player with pocket J's. Hoyt Corkins fans had to cheer after his two big hands with one being a full house had him double up twice at the ESPN feature table. (Hopefully you will get to see this hand broadcast!)

10:52 pm
Level 5 play begins with $200 to $400 blinds and a $50 ante. This will be the last one tonight.

12:46 am
Newly railed players are William Thorson, Mike Schneider and Sam Grizzle. Top 5 players at this point are Ben Sarnoff 165,000, Robert Mizrachi 131,000, Nicholas Caltabiano 120,000, Patrick Antonius 116,000 and and Robert Eckstut 115,000.

1:53 am
Kenna James was just eliminated after going all-in with a board showing K 6 3 K 7. He was called and Kenna revealed pocket 9's and the other player turned over pocket 3's which gave him the full house and the boot to Kenna James. Just before the end of the day, Lee Watkinson went all-in with pocket Q's, but was defeated by a set of 2's to end Lee's chance for a Main Event bracelet.

This round has officially ended thanks to the graciousness of the tournament officials. Everyone is tired. Final information will come from the WSOP and will be placed on our site. And get ready because a whole new wave comes in for Day 1C tomorrow. There were 615 players that remained at the end of Day 1B.

Top 9 players with chip counts for Day 1B:
  1. Ben Sarnoff -- 177,500
  2. Brian Schaedlich -- 160,725
  3. Robert Mizrachi -- 142,400
  4. Nick Caltabiano --127,700
  5. Liya Gerasimova -- 111,050
  6. Robert Eckstut -- 110,275
  7. Alex Balandin -- 109,925
  8. Coco Valerice -- 106,727
  9. Michael Watson -- 104,425
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