2008 Event 54 World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 2A

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2008 WSOP Event 54
World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 2A

Individual Event Reports

Event #54 -- World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 2A

  • Number of players Day 1A: 1,297, Remaining 636
  • Number of players Day 1B: 1,158, Remaining 615
  • Number of players Day 1C: 1,928, Remaining 1,026
  • Number of players Day 1D: 2,461, Remaining 1,652
  • Number of players Day 2A: 1,251
Notes from the WSOP on Day 2A:

The official "second day" is split into two flights spread over two consecutive days. Due to the large size of the field, it has become necessary in recent years to play the Day Two sessions in two groups, divided as Days 2-A and 2-B.

Day 2-A started at 12:15 pm PST. The number of players who started Day 2-A was 1,251. Day 2-B continues tomorrow with 2,378 players. Tomorrow's field is considerably larger because far more players chose to play on Days 1-C and 1-D. The combined number of players entered into the 2008 Main Event totaled 6,844.

This ranks as the second-largest live poker tournament in history. This year's turnout surpassed 2007 attendance (6,358) by 7.4 percent. Only the 2006 WSOP Main Event was larger than this tournament -- with 8,773 entrants. The day's traditional "Shuffle Up and Deal" honor went to Madeline Ungar, widow of the late great poker legend Stu Ungar. Ten years ago, the three-time world champion passed away in Las Vegas. Madeline Ungar spoke passionately to a hushed crowd about the importance of working to help people who suffer from substance-abuse problems. "I want to thank all of you in poker, who have become my extended family," Mrs. Ungar said. She talked briefly about The Ungar Foundation, which has the mission of "restoring lives." The foundation's website is: www.ungarfoundation.org

5:55 am
There will be a total of 1,251 players in the Day 2A field according to the WSOP. The combined number of survivors from Day 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, and 1-D is 3,629. This means that 62 percent of all players who were in the starting field survived Day One. Day Twos start with blinds at 250-500 and a 50 ante. Five levels will be played (which means play ends after Level 10). Play commences at 12 noon.

Today should have more incredible action at the tables as the list is still full of top talent being challenged by the other players from across the face of the planet in order to win the gold and diamond bracelet and become the "Nine Million Dollar Man" (or Woman). Names such as Kido Pham 120,650, Mark Vos 113,200, David Rheem 111,375, newbie bracelet champion Svetlana Gromenkova 94,125, Chau Giang 87,625, Weikai Chang 67,900, Tex Barch 59,125, Toto Leonidas 59,100, John Hennigan 51,875 and Chris Reslock 49,325 will be at the tables. Also Ray Romano from "Everybody Loves Raymond" will help to bring in some comic relief as he plays. So stay with us as we bring you the latest in the Main Event!

12:00 pm
Day 2A is underway and the players who were short stacked wasted no time in moving all-in. It looks like many have made the decision to double up or go home. Tournament officials will see the 2A field play through five levels today. Here are the antes and blinds for these levels:
  • Level 6 $250/$500 blinds and $50 ante
  • Level 7 $300/$600 blinds and $75 ante
  • Level 8 $400/$800 blinds and $100 ante
  • Level 9 $500/$1,000 blinds and $100 ante
  • Level 10 $600/$1,200 blinds and $200 ante
12:56 pm
Bill Edler has just been eliminated after an all-in move with A 9 was overcome by the A K of another player. Edler began with over 35K in chips. Anna Wroblewski is also gone from the Main Event. Anna moved in with A K and was insta-called by another player who threw down pocket A's. With nothing else to help her on the board, it was a short 2A day for Anna. Anna began with 34,125 chips, but just ran into trouble from the start.

Jens Voertmann who won Event #22 H.O.R.S.E. will just have to be satisfied with only one gold and diamond bracelet from the WSOP this year. Pushing his chips to the middle with A J, he was called and met with pocket Q's and Jens received no help from the table, busting as a result. He started Day 2A with exactly 32,000 chips.

2:03 pm
Phillip Hilm lost his chair when he went all-in from the big blind with pocket 5's and was called by two other players holding pocket K's and pocket A's respectively. And of course the table helped no one, so Hilm became one of two players busted simultaneously. Stuart Paterson is also gone after going all-in with his final 9,300 chips with A 10. He was called by a player holding pocket Q's which turned into a Queen high straight by the river.

Svetlana Gromenkova is now an official railbird. Her all-in with A 7 lost to Mark Karam who held A Q and won the hand. She was joined by Gabriel Thayer who had a flush draw on the turn (9c 5c 7d 2d) and went all-in with Qd Jd. He was called by a player brandishing Ac 10c. The river bricked and he lost to the Ace high hand.

2:53 pm
Jimmy Fricke found himself on the sidelines after moving all-in with pocket A's, only to lose to a player who made a flush while holding Q 9 of spades. John Myung also ended his chance at the golden bracelet as well.

3:37 pm
Loi Phan was busted after his all-in flush draw on the turn was overrun by another player who called him holding pocket Q's. Greg Mueller thought turning his pocket Q's into a set on the flop would be enough to win the hand. But the calling opponent made an Ace high straight, sending Greg to the curb. Zachary Clark lost to a player who held pocket K's, so he joined the spectators to see who will eventually win the Main Event.

4:22 pm
Scotty Nguyen, winner of the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event, is no longer in the running for another bracelet. He came late initially because he though he was in Day 2B, but his pocket 9's could not hold up to the other player having pocket K's which turned into a flush.

On the positive end, Chau Giang who is playing at the ESPN table pulled down a big pot after hitting a straight flush for the world to see. The top 5 players with chip counts at this time are Hunter Frey 265,000, Jeremiah Smith 235,000, Brian Schaedlich 230,000, Kellen Hunter 204,000 and Michael Johnson 198,000. Play continues at Level 7.

5:18 pm
Susie Issacs took her pocket Q's and went all-in, only to be called by someone holding pocket A's. So Susie will have time to sell seashells by the seashore because she will not be playing anymore in the Main Event. And former Main Event champion Robert Varkyoni is also available for hire as his all-in with pocket 10's was beaten with a player who paired his Ace card. Following them are Paul Wasicka, Trond Eidsvig, David Grey, Barry Shulman and Perry Friedman.

6:26 pm
Marc Karam busted out when his open ended straight lost to the pocket Q's of Tony Hachem. Michael Craig had his day in the sun rained on when his A 5 lost to another player who paired his 10 card. Ciaran O'Leary is also gone after his all-in with a short stack and J 10 were crushed by another player holding pocket Q's. Currently, there are approximately 810 left in the field. A 90 minute dinner break will begin at 7:00 pm.

9:05 pm
Evidently a huge number of players busted out between the last report and now as there are 665 in the field left. Play will continue at Level 9 with $500/$1,000 blinds and a $100 ante. And with the reduction in the number of players, there are larger chip stacks. The top 5 with chip counts at this point are Brian Schadlich 500,000, Hunter Frey 378,000, David Rheem 284,000, Patrick Fortin 245,000 and Robert Mizrachi/Jason Risenberg both tied for 5th having 242,000 chips.

10:20 pm
Erick Lindgren was taken out through back to back hands from Brian Brubaker. On the first hand Brian hit Erick with K K verses the J J Erick had. The second and final hand Erick had his A J meeting with the pocket 7's of Brian which spelled the end for Erick. Ray Romano is still in the action with about 22,000 in chips. Kathy Liebert is also out after her all-in move failed when her Q 10 turned into a set of Queens on the flop. But her caller ended up with the straight, sending Kathy to the rail.

11:17 pm
John Hennigan also busted out of the Main Event. He got caught in a bluff, losing a huge portion of his stack. On the final hand, his pocket 6's could not stand up to another player holding pocket 10's, and that was it for top pro player John Hennigan. Ray Romano busted out on the ESPN feature table of all places. Well, in true comedic fashion, he yelled "Cheetah's! Let's Go!". For those who do not frequent Las Vegas, Cheetah's is a very nice gentlemen's club.

12:41 pm
Nick Schulman is now on the outside looking in as his all-in bid with pocket J's was met with pocket K's that went on to become a full house nightmare (K's/7's) for Schulman. Billy Baxter also is on the sidelines after the A J in his hand was beaten up by pocket Q's. We are down to 549 players in the field. We are now in the last level of play for the night.

1:30 am
Last eliminations for Day 2A include Haralabos Voulgaris, Peter Gould and Howard Andrew. Final information, player count and more will come later. Good night all!

6:56 am July 9th
Follow up from the WSOP. There were 466 players left at the end of Day 2A that will move on to Day 3. Here are the top 9 players with chip counts:
  1. Brian Schaedlich -- 801,000
  2. Hunter Frey -- 397,000
  3. Jeremiah Smith -- 386,000
  4. Patrick Fortin -- 355,900
  5. Kellen Hunter -- 354,100
  6. Brandon Adams -- 353,600
  7. David Rheem -- 353,000
  8. Ronald Adams -- 333,550
  9. Farhad Sinae -- 328,500
Official Payout Schedule:
  • $9,152,416 -- 1st
  • $5,809,595 -- 2nd
  • $4,517,773 -- 3rd
  • $3,774,974 -- 4th
  • $3,096,768 -- 5th
  • $2,418,562 -- 6th
  • $1,772,650 -- 7th
  • $1,288,217 -- 8th
  • $900,670 -- 9th
  • $591,869 -- 10th-12th
  • $463,201 -- 13-15
  • $334,534 -- 16-18
  • $257,334 -- 19-27
  • $193,000 -- 28-36
  • $154,400 -- 37-45
  • $135,100 -- 46-54
  • $115,800 -- 55-63
  • $96,500 -- 64-72
  • $77,200 -- 73-81
  • $64,333 -- 82-90
  • $51,466 -- 91-99
  • $41,816 -- 100-162
  • $38,600 -- 163-225
  • $35,383 -- 226-288
  • $32,166 -- 289-351
  • $28,950 -- 352-414
  • $27,020 -- 415-477
  • $25,090 -- 478-540
  • $23,160 -- 541-603
  • $21,230 -- 604-666

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