2008 Event 54 World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 3

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2008 WSOP Event 54
World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 3

Individual Event Reports

Event #54 -- World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 3

  • Number of players Day 1A: 1,297, Remaining 636
  • Number of players Day 1B: 1,158, Remaining 615
  • Number of players Day 1C: 1,928, Remaining 1,026
  • Number of players Day 1D: 2,461, Remaining 1,652
  • Number of players Day 2A: 1,251, Remainder 466
  • Number of players Day 2B: 2,379, Remaining 842
  • Number of players Day 3: 1,308, Remaining 474
Notes from the WSOP on Day 3:

The number of players who started Day Three was 1,308. There were at least 118 different nations and territories represented by all players who entered the 2008 Main Event. By contrast, there were 87 different countries present last year. This represents a 36 percent increase in international participation.

Former WSOP Main Event champions who continued play on Day Three included -- Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth, and Chris Moneymaker. 2003 world champion Chris Moneymaker made a fast exit. Just six minutes into play on Day Three, the former accountant from Tennessee moved all-win with A-J and was called by a bigger stack with 10-9. A ten flopped, knocking Moneymaker out of the Main Event.

As Day Three begins, the number of female players remaining in the Main Event is estimated at 11. It is estimated that 209 female players participated in the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

Prize money was reached at 11:29 pm, as Level 14 expired. Once play became nine spots out of the money (675 players remaining) the tournament was dealt hand-for-hand. This means each table dealt out one hand at a time. This procedure is in place to prevent players from intentionally stalling or slowing down play in an effort to coast into the money. The hand-for-hand period lasted 1:15, during which only nine hands were dealt out (per table).

The "bubble finisher" refers to the unfortunate player who lands exactly one spot out of the prize money � in this case the 667th-place finisher. Steve Chung, from Hong Kong, became the official "bubble finisher" of the 2008 WSOP. He qualified to play in the World Series by winning a seat at a satellite held at a casino in Macau. In fact, this was his first time to ever play at the WSOP. Just as Chung was about to exit from the room amidst a cheering throng of players who were guaranteed at least $21,230 in prize money, he was stopped and asked to appear onstage alongside WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack and WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel. Next, it was announced that the official WSOP sponsor Milwaukee's Best Light had donated a $10,000 entry for Mr. Chung into next year's Main Event. So, Mr. Chung becomes entry Number 1 into the 2009 WSOP.

12:00 pm
Day 3 is now underway. There are 1,308 players that will compete to grab a spot for the next round. This continues to be exciting as the all comers sit down with the biggest names in the game. Top pros like Victor Ramdin 307,600 chips, Nenad Medic 283,100, Phil Hellmuth 196,000, Francois Safieddine 183,800, Johnny Chan 178,700, Chip Jett 169,200, Phil Gordon 168,900, Kirill Gerasimov 159,600, Steve Billirakis 157,400, Hevad Khan 113,200, Mike Matusow 97,700 and many more. Play will continue at level 11 and should continue for 5 levels. All levels will last 120 minutes. Dinner break will be after Level 13. Here are the blinds and antes:
  • Level 11 $800/$1,600 with $200 ante
  • Level 12 $1,000/$2,000 with $300 ante
  • Level 13 $1,200/$2,400 with $300 ante
  • Level 14 $1,500/$3,000 with $400 ante
  • Level 15 $2,000/$4,000 with $500 ante
12:48 pm
We are expecting a number of all-in moves as about 200 players are under the 39,000 chip mark. In this group are Bill Gazes 33,000, Tony Cousineau 32,000, Vanessa Rousso 30,900, Patrik Antonius 29,500, Jennifer Harman 20,000, Pat Pezzin 17,500 and Anahit Galajian 15,400. And notification has gone out that if after 5 levels of play that the field is on the money bubble, play will continue! Payouts begin at position 666, (if you are religious don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger), and is expected to be reached today.

1:25 pm
Early bustouts include Chris Moneymaker who's A J lost to another player who managed to pair his 10 card, Jennifer Harman, Cary Anderson, Patrik Antonius, Russell Rosenblum and Arnold Spee. In the first 45 minutes of play, there have been over 100 eliminations.

2:07 pm
The number of eliminations is now over 220 players. Tony Hachem is gone after his pocket 7's could not hold up to the two pair of Karen Mengden (K's and 2's). Scott Clements is out as well. Clements was ahead of the preflop all-in with A K to the other player holding A Q, but a Q came up on the river. Joining them is Barney Boatman who had his A Q hit by pocket A's.

Kenna James just hit a set of Aces and is now up to 335,000 in his stack. Vanessa Rousso is playing hard and is now up to 65,000 in chips. Bill Gazes who began the day with 33,000 hit a straight to build his chip pile up to 40,000. Brian Schaedlich who began with 801,000, is still on fire and is getting hands like Chris Moneymaker did in 2003. So far he has surpassed 850K in chips.

3:32 pm
Current number of players is 983. Latest move up was made by Hevad Khan who on a flop of 4 4 6 moved all-in with A 7 suited and was called by another player holding pocket 2's. The 8 on the turn and the 6 on the river, putting the best hand on the board. They split the pot and Khan moved up to 104,000 in chips. Tony Cousineau went to the rail after his pocket 8's lost out to the pocket A's of another player.

And here is a wild one for you non-smoking poker players and fans. One player had a lit cigarette in his mouth and was puffing away at the table during play. Because the WSOP is a smoke free environment, you cannot smoke there because of what has been decided as harmful carcinogens that are released from the smoking tobacco. BUT because the smoking player had "smokeless cigarettes" that do not release these types of carcinogens, they are legal and can be smoked during play. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

4:19 pm
Phil Gordon is gone from the Main Event. His all-in with A 10 was crushed by the pocket 4's which turned into two pair (4's and J's) on the flop. James McManus is doing well with over 350,000 chips in front of him. But Toto Leonidas was not so fortunate. The pocket J's he went in with were beaten up with the full house of another player (9's/A's). Matt Glanz and John D'Agostino also went to the rail.

5:38 pm
Player count is about 850 at this time. The top 5 players are Sigurd Eskeland 680,000 chips, Jeff Kimber 650,000, Karle Wilson 570,000, Jerimiah Smith 560,000 and Geert Jans with 530,000 in his stack.

6:49 pm
Players will be on dinner break for the next 90 min, marking the end of Level 13. Hevad Khan increased his stack more by moving in heavy with a 43,000 bet on a board showing 9 8 4 3. The other player decided to back down and fold, leaving Khan with over 200,000 in chips. Jeremiah Smith currently has grown his stack to over 700,000, Gus Hansen recently doubled up to 135,000 in chips, Matt Matros recently used pocket K's to win a big hand to grow his chips to 482,000 and Mickey Appleman was just eliminated after his all-in with pocket 10's was met by pocket J's.

8:54 pm
We are less than 100 players from the money and naturally things are sloooowwwwiiinng down. And why not? A finish in 666th place pays $21,230, 667th gets nothing. Although the WSOP has generally given something to the bubble player. What happens this year who knows? Whatever we hear, you know we will let you know, so stay with us.

Alexander Kravchanko is out of the Main Event. He took the last of his chips and went in with 10 8 of diamonds to be called by pocket 10's.

10:08 pm
Tournament officials have begun hand to hand play with 675 players remaining. Two of the players that busted just outside of the money are Nenad Medic who won the first event at this year's WSOP and Mihn Nguyen. Medic was at the ESPN feature table with 9 J A on the table when he went all-in with A K. Sigurd Eskeland called with A Q. Turn card was a blank, but the river produced a Queen and a loud roar from the railbirds. Sigurd Eskeland is now the chip leader with 950,000 and Nenad Medic is gone from the Main Event.

11:02 pm
We are still playing hand to hand, trying to reach the money. Jeremiah Smith is the first player to reach the 1 million chip mark in the Main Event.

11:49 pm
The bubble has been reached. The "bubble boy" was Steve Chung who decided to to all-in with pocket 8's and was met with the pocket K's of Jesse McEuen. Steve saw no cash, but he did receive a freeroll to the Main Event for 2009. Players were given a 20 min break which let them get the whooping and hollering out of their system. One table ordered shots of Tequila for everyone and they raised their glasses, downed the shots then went back to playing. The black 100 denomination chips were colored up by the staff during the break. After completion, the 666 remaining players began play for the last level of the night.

12:20 am
Soon there will be a freight train line leading straight to the cashier's booth. Some of the players that have busted out already are Vanessa Rousso, Pat Pezzin, David Trinh and Men "The Master" Nguyen.

1:07 am
Thor Hansen just went out after his pocket 9's went up against pocket A's and lost. Joining him are Joe Conti and Jason Grey. There are now 603 players left which means that they are the beneficiaries of a jump in the payout schedule. The cash just went up to $23,160. And also for the record, Phil Hellmuth Jr. has increased his record number of cashes at the WSOP by making the cut for the Main Event money.

Jeremiah Smith has so many chips that tournament officials gave him a cocktail serving tray in order to move them from one table to the next.

1:54 am
Number of players continues to fall as we are now down to 573 in the field. Bill Gazes was just eliminated after his pocket 10's were doing just fine...until those nasty pocket A's came up and told Bill to go straight to the line to pick up his money.

2:42 am
The bustouts continue as the players have reached the cash. Right now there was another step up in the winnings category as the fallen are rewarded for their heroic efforts with $25,090. Recently eliminated are Rolf Slotboom of Card Player Europe, George Wedemeyer, Chau Giang, Bob Slezak and Chris Gregorian.

2:48 am
Play has ended for Day 3 and there are 474 players who will come back tomorrow for another round in the Main Event. Still in the running are Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, Hoyt Corkins, Gus Hansen, Robert Mizrachi, Evelyn Ng, Chip Jett, Jon Friedberg, Hasan Habib and Hevad Khan. Additional details will be posted as they come in from the WSOP.
  1. Jeremy Joseph -- 1,458,000
  2. Jeremiah Smith -- 1,079,500
  3. Mark Ketteringham -- 950,000
  4. Kyle Carlston - 932,500
  5. Dag Martin Mikkelsen -- 931,000
  6. Alan Jaffray -- 908,500
  7. Owen Crowe -- 900,000
  8. Alexander Kostritsyn -- 887,000
  9. James McManus -- 875,000

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