2008 Event 54 World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 5

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2008 WSOP Event 54
World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 5

Individual Event Reports

Event #54 -- World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 5

  • Number of players Day 1A: 1,297, Remaining 636
  • Number of players Day 1B: 1,158, Remaining 615
  • Number of players Day 1C: 1,928, Remaining 1,026
  • Number of players Day 1D: 2,461, Remaining 1,652
  • Number of players Day 2A: 1,251, Remainder 466
  • Number of players Day 2B: 2,379, Remaining 842
  • Number of players Day 3: 1,308, Remaining 474
  • Number of players Day 4: 474, Remaining 189
  • Number of players Day 5: 189
Notes from the WSOP on Day 5:

Day Five began with the "Shuffle Up and Deal" announcement at 12:10 pm PST. The night before, tournament play had been suspended earlier than expected. Therefore, Day Five began with 38:47 remaining in Level 19 (5,000-10,000 blinds with a 1,000 ante). The number of players who started Day Five was 189. Phil Hellmuth was the only former WSOP Main Event champion to continue play on Day Five. He also survived the day. He currently ranks in 66th place, with 721,000 in chips. WSOP Academy instructor Alex Outhred played on this day. He survived and currently ranks 67th in the chip count.

Perhaps the greatest rags-to-riches story of the Main Event thus far is the skyrocketing success of Alfredo Fernandez. He qualified to play in the WSOP via a mega-satellite tournament series at the website www.games.com, which is owned by America Online (AOL). Fernandez entered a free online tournament series, which was played over several weeks. In fact, he defeated 2,396 other players and won his $10,000 entry into this year's Main Event. Incredibly, Fernandez now ranks 10th in the chip count.

An interesting bit of trivia: The player who has outlasted more competitors in the main event than any other player over the last two years is - Hevad Khan. Khan has cashed twice and outlasted 12,974 players in the 2007 and 2008 Main Events combined, which is more than any player in that time span. Day Six begins Sunday, July 13th at 12:00 noon.

12:00 pm
Play was ended at level 19 with a little over 30 minutes remaining. Tournament officials will continue by finishing the time left in level 19 AND the next 5 levels. Here are the blinds and antes for the next 6 levels:
  • Level 19 $5,000/$10,000 blinds and $1,000 ante
  • Level 20 $6,000/$12,000 blinds and $2,000 ante
  • Level 21 $8,000/$16,000 blinds and $2,000 ante
  • Level 22 $10,000/$20,000 blinds and $3,000 ante
  • Level 23 $12,000/$24,000 blinds and $3,000 ante
  • Level 24 $15,000/$30,000 blinds and $4,000 ante

We will post updates as the day progresses.

12:34 pm
Here is a testament to intuition. Alexander Kostritsyn was in a multi player pot with pocket K's preflop when the other two players began raising and then going all-in. When it came to Alexander's turn, he folded his pocket Kings. He later found out that there were A K and A A in the hands of the other players. In a tournament where the goal is to survive and outlast your opponents, sometimes it is best to get out of the way.

Anthony Meeker moved all-in preflop with A 8 and was called by Tom Cope holding pocket J's. After a flop brought up another Jack, it was over for Anthony Meeker.

1:02 pm
Tony Clark is now gone as within the first 10 minutes of play, his all in with pocket 9's was looked up by Reagan Silber with pocket Q's. By the river, Tony had to say good bye to the Main Event. Kido Pham just lost a hand that has brought his stack down to 215,000, which could spell trouble if things do not turn around fast.

For those who knew about Doyle Brunson's scooter that was stolen while parked outside of the V.I.P. lounge, it has been returned. Doyle doesn't have the capacity to move like he used to when he was a basketball player and athelete in his early days, so he needs the scooter to get around.

2:03 pm
Phil Hellmuth was in a hand with a flop of 6 5 4 and he was holding Q 7. His opponent moved all-in...and Phil folded. Even other players from other tables asked him how could he fold that one. The other player mucked his cards, rather than show them.

Lou Esposito lost his all-in with 150,000 with A J after Shawn Shiekhan called him with pocket Q's with no help from the felt. So Esposito is out of the Main Event and Shawn is up to 1,700,000 in chips.

3:17 pm
Jon Freidberg was busted by Keith Hawkins after the A J of Jon could not hold up to the A Q of Hawkins. Keith Hawkings is up to over 1,000,000 chips. James McManus became the chip leader after making a set of 10's against Garth Paul who is now no longer in the Main Event. McManus is now over 3,400,000 in chips.

Kara Scott, one of the last women in the Main Event is still in the fight after losing a chunk of chips to Cristian Dragomir. She is now down to 345,000.

5:01 pm
There are 136 players left and the average chip stack size is over 1 million. Earlier, we reported that Kido Pham was close to being busted unless something happened. Well Kido was able to wait for the right moments to pick and choose his battles and is now up to 550,000. Jeff Madsen did the same and is now up to 690,000 in chips.

Brad Johnson is gone from the Main Event. After a flop of 5 J 7 Johnson went all-in after the other parties checked. Reagan Silber called the all-in and turned over pocket 7's for a set. Brad showed A 4 and knew pretty much he was done for. Silber is now up to 1,700,000 chips. The last three women in the Main Event are Kara Scott 330,000, Tiffany Michele 1,600,000 and Lisa Parsons with 530,000.

6:19 pm
Allen Cunningham has busted out of the Main Event. Allen went all-in preflop with 255,000 chips holding Q J of hearts and was called by Tim Loecke who had pocket A's. The dealer laid out 7 6 3 8 8 and that was it for Allen Cunningham. Jeff Kimber went to the middle with pocket K's only to meet the full house made on the flop belonging to Jamal Kunbuz, and that ended Kimber's chance at the bracelet.

The top 5 players with chip counts are Terry Lade with 3,600,000, James McManus 3,300,000, Brandon Cantu 3,200,000, Ivan Demidov 2,900,000 and Scott Montegomery 2,800,000. Player count is 112. Dinner break will begin at 7:00 pm for 90 minutes.

8:45 pm
Right before dinner break, Kido Pham grew his stack up to 1,250,000 chips. The field has been narrowed to just 99 players. Still in the field are Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Victor Ramdin and Mark Vos.

Kara Scott ended her bid for the bracelet in 104th place. With a flop of A K 4, both parties raised until Kara went all-in and was called by Phi Nguyen. She showed K Q and Phi turned over A 10. With the turn card being a 5 and river a 6, Kara received no help from the poker gods and got up from her chair in the Main Event. Shawn Sheikhan was crippled badly on a prior hand to just 75,000 chips. On his next hand he went all-in with 5 7 and met with the A K of another player, ending his chances at the bracelet. Jeff Madsen also had to leave after being busted by Victor Ramdin.

12:26 am
Sorry for the lack of updates. Technically, things don't go the way you want them to sometimes and we apologize for that. We'll bring you up to speed.

Reagan Silber was busted by Matt Matros who had two pair (7's and 6's) on the flop. The win put Matros over the 2 million mark in chips. Alexander Kostritsyn finished in 84th place after his A K lost to the pocket 7's of Garrett Beckman.

Details on the ESPN featured table were scarce because they change the table often. But at the end of the evening Phil Hellmuth took a seat next to Mike Matusow. Hopefully we will get to see the broadcast of it.

Tourament officials have stopped play with only 79 left in the field at level 23. Some of the names that are still in the running are Kido Pham, Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth, Victor Ramdin, Matt Matros, Brandon Cantu, Adam Levy and David Benefield. On the final hand of the day, Mark Vos lost a hand and is out of the Main Event. Mark went in with almost 2 million in his stack. Dennis Phillips called him and turned over pocket A's which were outclassing the A K Mark had. And with no help from the board, Mark had to leave the tournament.

More details and comments from the WSOP will be posted tomorrow. Good night all!
  1. Mark Ketteringham -- 5,800,000
  2. Nikolay Losev -- 4,058,000
  3. Albert Kim -- 3,734,000
  4. Tiffany Michelle -- 3,438,000
  5. Dennis Phillips -- 3,436,000
  6. Aaron Gordon -- 3,369,000
  7. Jamal Kunbuz -- 3,327,000
  8. Terry Lade -- 3,225,000
  9. Jeremy Joseph -- 3,100,000

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