2008 Event 54 World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 1C

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2008 WSOP Event 54
World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 1C

Individual Event Reports

Event #54 -- World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 1C

  • Number of players Day 1A: 1,297, Remaining 636
  • Number of players Day 1B: 1,158, Remaining 615
  • Number of players Day 1C: 1,928, Remaining 1,026
Notes from the WSOP on Day 1C:

The number of registered players for Day 1-C was 1,928. Day 1-B attracted 1,158 entries. Day 1-A attracted 1,297 entries. The combined number of players who have now played in the main event totals 4,383. The tournament began play in two places � the Amazon Ballroom and nearby Brasilia Ballroom. ESPN designated two "feature" tables. The table on the main stage included three-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Mike "the Mouth" Matusow. The secondary feature table was located off to the side and included 2005 world champion Joe Hachem.

Former WSOP Main Event champions who played on Day 1-C included Brad Daugherty (1991), Jim Bechtel (1993), Huck Seed (1996), Chris Moneymaker (2003), and Joe Hachem (2005). Seed and Bechtel were eliminated. The only former champs remaining from the first three days include � Brad Daugherty, Chris Moneymaker, Joe Hachem, Scotty Nguyen and Robert Varkonyi. 1996 world champion Huck Seed became the quickest bust out of any former champion, thus far. He lasted just 17 minutes.

Legendary gambler Archie "the Greek" Karas played on this day. Karas, best known for taking an initial $50 stake and running it up to $40 million over the course of a few years (and then losing it all back) in what was probably the greatest roller coaster ride in the history of Las Vegas, played in the Main Event again, after missing last year's tournament. He ended the day with an average stack.

All Day Ones play the exact same length of time. Play ended after five levels. Each level is two hours long. Day 1-C concluded at 12:50 am PST.

12:00 pm
The third group has begun to play, now that the order to "Shuffle Up and Deal!" has been given. Stay with us as we follow players on the path to becoming Main Event champion! All players will start with 20K in chips with the goal of lasting 5 levels of play as in Day 1A and 1B. Lunch break will take place for 90 min after level 3 is completed.

12:33 pm
Former Main Event champions Joe Hachem, Brad Daughtery and Huck Seed will take a seat in Day 1C. And a new piece of info from the tournament officials, anyone who makes the final table will receive a special jacket to commemorate their achievement.

1:15 pm
Huck Seed was among the first to be busted from the Day 1C field. With the board showing 7 7 3 Q, a player bet and Huck moved all-in of which the player called. Huck turned over 9 7 for a set, but the other player showed A 7 for a set as well with a much stronger kicker. The river card being a 2 was of no help for Huck Seed, ending his chance at another Main Event bracelet. Shawn Buchanan got crippled on a early hand and went all-in with the few chips he had left holding K 10, only to be called by a player holding K Q which spelled his demise as no other cards came to help him. All Shawn could do is get up and walk to the sidelines.

2:01 pm
Country music star Andy Griggs came back with a kickoff song titled, "It's All About The Money" to the enjoyment of the field players. Seen at the tables are Mike Matusow, Steve Wong, Bryan Devonshire, Sam Farha, Sabyl Cohen, Lee Childs, Joe Awada, Brian Townsend, Bill Chen, Clonie Gowan and Alex Jacobs.

2:49 pm
T.J. Cloutier showed his mastery of the game when he had pocket A's and raised preflop and was called. Flop showed 10 7 5 after which T.J. bet again and was called. Turn was nothing, T.J. raised and it was called. River card was a Jack and the other player raised. After some thinking, Cloutier folded his pocket A's. The other player revealed pocket 7's for a set. Now that is intuition.

Mike Gracz was busted after his K Q ran into the two pair (Q's and J's) of another player. He was followed by adult magazine publisher Larry Flynt. Other players seen in the field are Dmitri Nobles, Isabelle Mercier, Mel Judah, Michael Binger, Issac Haxton, Ryan Hughes, Gavin Griffin, Nam Le, Jeff Madsen, Chad Batista and Mark Gregorich.

3:35 pm
Minh Ly had a flush hand, but it was not good enough to counter the full house (9's/3's) of his opponent and Minh had to say goodbye to the Main Event. Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf had the set of 6's he made shot down by the Broadway straight of another player and also had to leave his seat as a results.

4:26 pm
Max Pescatori also went to the rail after his pocket K's were overrun by the two pair of Matt Hawrilenki (3's and 5's). WPT announcer and poker champion Mike Sexton took his last chips and went all-in with A K and was called by Mike Scala holding K J. Everything was fine until two more Jacks came up, sending Sexton back to the announcing booth. Following them were Daniel Alaei, Al Krux, Daniel Kitai, Ut Nguyen, Lana Meier and Lars Bonding.

5:35 pm
Play is continuing at Level 3 with blinds at 150/300. Top 5 players at this point are Jeff Madsen 85,000, Rajesh Vohra 68,000, Brad Booth 65,000, Rhett Butler 63,000 and Clonie Gowan 62,900.

6:17 pm
Dmitri Nobles who has done pretty well in Main Events for 2006 and 2007 has busted out of this one. Nobles went all-in after seeing a board of Q 10 5 A 2 while holding A K, but his caller produced pocket 10's for a set to win the hand. Gavin Griffin shoved his last few chips into the middle with pocket 6's and was called by a player having pocket K's. Needless to say that was Gavin's last hand in the Main Event.

7:00 pm
Dinner break will begin now, but Sam Farha will not be joining the players after break. Sam made an all-in move with A J suited against a player having K Q. The Queen card was paired on the turn and that was it for Sam Farha. Tony Korfman also went out after his A Q lost out to an A K which turned into two pair by the turn (K's and 3's).

9:40 pm
Marco Traniello had his pocket K's overcome by the two pair (J's and 10's) of another player, so he is no longer in contention. He was followed by J.C. Tran after his all-in with A Q was stopped cold by the pocket J's of Ed Rogdon. There are 1,325 players at this point still in the field.

10:29 pm
Marcel Luske was added to the list of railbirds as his A Q lost to the pocket 7's of Brad Booth. Steve Paul-Ambrose and Mark Gregorich both followed Luske to the sidelines when their pocket pairs both failed against better hands. Jeffrey Lisandro watched his A Q all-in move fail as another player made a set of Kings, busting Lisandro out of the Main Event. Also moving from the role of player to spectator were Court Harrington, Fred Berger, Amit Makhija, Kevin O'Donnell and Bryan Devonshire.

Chris Moneymaker the famous 2003 Main Event champion, is still in the game with 70K in chips. But luck is changing fast for a lot of players as there are now 760 in the field.

11:17 pm
NOTE: We were misinformed as to the number of the players left in Day 1C. The corrected number count is 1,227 as of 11:00 pm PST.

Action is now at level 5 with $200 to $400 blinds, ante $50. T.J. Cloutier ran into a pocket pair of A's and is now out of the Main Event. Joining him are David Epstein, John Kalmar and Esther Rossi.

1:35 am
Not many more players went out by this time and the tournament officials let everyone know it was time to bag their chips. We don't have an official number yet, but it should be over 1,000 that made the cut to Day 2.

After all was said and done, the WSOP stated that there were 1,026 that made the cut for Day 1C.

Top 9 players with chip counts for Day 1C:
  1. Henning Granstad -- 242,950
  2. Curt Kohlberg -- 173,050
  3. David Baker --163,450
  4. Howard Berchowitz -- 160,075
  5. Arnaud Mattern -- 157,650
  6. Diren Yildiz -- 136,075
  7. Josh Schiffman -- 133,000
  8. Evan Woodington -- 127,125
  9. Michael Souza -- 126,100
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