2008 Event 54 World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 4

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2008 WSOP Event 54
World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 4

Individual Event Reports

Event #54 -- World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 4

  • Number of players Day 1A: 1,297, Remaining 636
  • Number of players Day 1B: 1,158, Remaining 615
  • Number of players Day 1C: 1,928, Remaining 1,026
  • Number of players Day 1D: 2,461, Remaining 1,652
  • Number of players Day 2A: 1,251, Remainder 466
  • Number of players Day 2B: 2,379, Remaining 842
  • Number of players Day 3: 1,308, Remaining 474
  • Number of players Day 4: 474
Notes from the WSOP on Day 4:

The average stack at the start of the day was 288,766 in chips. The day began with the traditional "Shuffle Up and Deal" announcement from the tournament floor. The honor went to Jenna Phillips, who works as a WSOP dealer. Phillips won this year's "WSOP Dealer of the Year" award. She was presented with a special-edition ladies watch made by Corum, valued at over $4,000. She will also be one of the six dealers selected to deal at the Main Event final table in November.

Eleven former WSOP gold bracelet winners are still in contention. This list includes � Phi Nguyen, Brandon Cantu. Mark Vos, Gus Hansen, Allen Cunningham, Jeff Madsen, Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, Thomas Keller, Hoyt Corkins, and Jon Friedberg. The last remaining player from last year's final table to be eliminated was Hevad Khan, who settled for 240th place.

Only two former WSOP Main Event champions continued play on Day Four -- Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth. Chan busted out. Therefore, Hellmuth remains the only former champion still alive in the tournament. 1989 world champion Phil Hellmuth survived the day. He currently ranks in 106th place.

With his guaranteed in-the-money finish in this event, 11-time gold bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth extended his record for the most all-time cashes in WSOP history � with 68.

1:00 pm
Play will continue at level 16 and continue for 5 levels. All levels will last 120 minutes. Dinner break will be after Level 18. Here are the blinds and antes:
  • Level 16 $2,500/$5,000 blinds and $500 ante
  • Level 17 $3,000/$6,000 blinds and $1,000 ante
  • Level 18 $4,000/$8,000 blinds and $1,000 ante
  • Level 19 $5,000/$10,000 blinds and $1,000 ante
  • Level 20 $6,000/$12,000 blinds and $2,000 ante
A lot of action took place yesterday. Everyone was happy they made the money and the bubble boy received a freeroll entry into the 2009 Main Event. A few celebrated too much dragging their bodies to the table. One player asked the tournament officials if he threw up on the table, could that be held against him as a penalty. Some of the names that will move on to Day 4 are Matt Matros 822,500, Brandon Cantu 710,000, Chino Rheem 707,500, Phil Hellmuth 475,000, Mark Vos 468,000, Hevad Khan 338,500, Allen Cunningham 368,500, Mike Matusow 438,500 and Evelyn Ng 414,500.

Probably the biggest 180 degree turnaround happened with Brian Schaedlich. He began the day 3 as chip leader with over 800,000 in his stack and just had one bad turn after another. He ended the day with just 22,000 chips. Stay with us as we post updates as to what is taking place at the Main Event.

1:46 pm
Robert Mizrachi was just busted after an all-in with K J of spades was called by William Soffin who held Q J. By the river he managed to pair his Queen and end Mizrachi's quest for the bracelet. And it was another player pairing his Queen card that managed to bust Brian Schaedlich with his last few chips.

2:38 pm
Jean-Robert Bellande is no longer in the Main Event. Just minutes ago on a flop of A 2 8, Bellande went all-in with A Q and was called by someone with far more chips holding 10 9. The turn was a 6 and the river a 7. Bellande was sent to the sidelines with an almost impossible made straight. But it happens! In the first hour of play there have been 54 busts, almost 1 per minute.

Frankie O'Dell lost in a bad way by going all in on the river with a board of Ah Kc 7c 9c Ac, holding 3h 3c for the flush. But his opponent had A 7, giving him a winning full house and O'Dell the boot.

3:13 pm
Kirill Gerasimov moved all-in with pocket K's and was called by a player brandishing A K preflop. It seemed to be the thing to do until two more Aces came up on the flop, causing Kirill to lose and head to the spectator side. Adam Schoenfeld took his pocket 10's and pushed his chips to the middle against K J suited. Fate moved against Adam and 8 7 6 9 10 came up on the board, which gave Adam a straight but a bigger straight to his opponent, sending Adam off to find his Eve for consolement.

4:02 PM
Tournament officials have begun adding 25,000 chips to the field for the players. There are 340 players left on Day 4. Hasan Habib was recently busted along with Johnny Chan. Chan moved in for his last 143,000 with A 7 and the player with pocket 8's dominated the hand. With no help from the felt, Chan will have to wait until next year to tie Phil Hellmuth by winning another WSOP bracelet.

Speaking of Phil, he blew up very loudly after a player won a hand with a straight. He yelled at the player for overplaying his hand at the ESPN feature table. Maybe they might keep the footage in for all to see. Time will tell.

5:15 pm
Pat Poels just had his ticket punched and is out of here. Pat put his entire 250,000 chips in with pocket J's, but he was called by a player with pocket K's and lost it all. Thayer Rassmussen moved all-in with pocket A's against a player with pocket 10's. Too bad that the other player received the remaining cards for a Jack high straight. That put Thayer out to pasteur.

Meanwhile, Phil Hellmuth won a big hand against Evelyn Ng and is now up to 432,000 in chips.

6:30 pm
Top 5 players at this time are Jeremy Joseph 2,650,000, David Saab 1,800,000, Suresh Prahbu 1,300,000, Allen Cunningham 1,300,000 and Clint Schafer 1,300,000. Dinner break will begin at 8:00 pm and last for 90 minutes.

7:53 pm
Additional eliminations are Mike Ngo, Kai Chang, Andreas Martens and Alan Jaffrey. The field is down to 280 players.

10:29 PM
There are 216 players left and the field will soon begin the last level for the evening. Tournament officials have stated that there will only be 4 levels played tonight instead of 5.

Hevad Khan is out of the Main Event. With a flop of Qh 7h 4h, Khan was short stacked at 150,000 with 9h 9c and was called by Tiffany Michelle who had Kh Qc. The turn card was a 10s and river was 5c. With Tiffany pairing her Queen card, it was enough to end Hevad Khan's chance at the gold and diamond bracelet.

11:28 pm
Play has been stopped with over 30 minutes left in level 19 by tournament officials. There are 189 players left from Day 4. In the last minutes of the round, Steve Billirakis busted out of the tournament. His all-in with pocket 8's were met with pocket Q's and did not receive help from the board. More information will be posted tomorrow. As I write this, lightning is actually exploding overhead here in Las Vegas. Good night all!
  1. Jeremy Joseph -- 2,187,000
  2. Nikolay Losev -- 2,110,000
  3. Cristian Dragomir -- 2,065,000
  4. Brandon Cantu -- 1,981,000
  5. Lanini Davor -- 1,958,000
  6. David Rheem -- 1,851,000
  7. Andrew Rosskamm -- 1,764,000
  8. James McManus -- 1,761,000
  9. Geoffrey Herzog -- 1,695,000

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