2008 Event 54 World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 6

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2008 WSOP Event 54
World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 6

Individual Event Reports

Event #54 -- World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 6

  • Number of players Day 1A: 1,297, Remaining 636
  • Number of players Day 1B: 1,158, Remaining 615
  • Number of players Day 1C: 1,928, Remaining 1,026
  • Number of players Day 1D: 2,461, Remaining 1,652
  • Number of players Day 2A: 1,251, Remaining 466
  • Number of players Day 2B: 2,379, Remaining 842
  • Number of players Day 3: 1,308, Remaining 474
  • Number of players Day 4: 474, Remaining 189
  • Number of players Day 5: 189, Remaining 79
  • Number of players Day 6: 79
Notes from the WSOP on Day 6:

Day Six began with the "Shuffle Up and Deal" announcement at 12:15 pm PST. The average stack at the start of the day was 1,732,000 in chips. Day Six started with only two female players still alive in the tournament. Lisa Parsons was eliminated and finished in 76th place. Tiffany Michelle remains very much alive and is currently third in the chip count, with 9,755,000. It is estimated that 209 female players participated in the 2008 WSOP Main Event. In previous years, Tiffany Michelle worked as a media representative covering the WSOP for various outlets. Last year, Michelle was the on-camera poker hostess for PokerNews.com.

Play was suspended about midway through Level 28. Day Six concluded at 11:45 pm PST. When play resumes on Day Seven, Level 28 will continue with blinds set at 40,000-80,000 and antes at 10,000. Day Seven is scheduled to play down to the final nine players. This means play will end at the point when the tenth-place finisher has been determined.

9:10 am
Play resumes on Day Six, Level 24 will begin with blinds set at 15,000-30,000 and antes at 4,000. Day Six is scheduled to play down to the final 27 players. This means play will end at the point three tables are reached.

Regarding Day 5 play, ESPN designated two "feature" tables. The table on the main stage included three-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Mike Matusow. The secondary feature table was located off to the side and included five-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Allen Cunningham. Tables were changed multiple times during the day. Here are the next few level for Day 6 play with blinds and antes:
  • Level 24 $15,000/$30,000 blinds and $4,000 ante
  • Level 25 $20,000/$40,000 blinds and $5,000 ante
  • Level 26 $25,000/$50,000 blinds and $5,000 ante
  • Level 27 $30,000/$60,000 blinds and $10,000 ante
  • Level 28 $40,000/$80,000 blinds and $10,000 ante
  • Level 29 $50,000/$100,000 blinds and $10,000 ante

Action will begin at 12 noon.

12:22 pm
Action is underway in the Amazon room at the RIO in Las Vegas. Close to the end of Day 5, Phil Hellmuth was given a penalty for badly berating another player for winning with 10 4 suited which ended up cracking his A K. Between last night and now, somehow the penalty was overruled and Phil was at the tables instead of the penalty box. Guess when you have clout, good behavior requirements are for the other players.

Phil has used the time wisely as he won a number of hands, raising his stack to 1,500,000 chips.

1:30 pm
Matt Matros busted in 78th place after his all-in with A 7 could not hold up to the pocket 3's of David Saab. Following Matt were Lisa Parsons in 76th earning $77,200, Mark Wilds in 77th earning $77,200, Jamal Sawaqdeh in 74th with $77,300 for his pockets, David Benefield in 73rd taking home $77,200 and Keith Hawkins in 75th place earning $77,200.

2:41 pm
Thomas Keller was eliminated in 61st place taking home $115,000 for his efforts. Keller who was on the short stack, pushed the rest of his chips to the center with K Q. Jeremy Joseph holding 6h 7h called him and ended up with two pair by the river.

Now here is the official position from the WSOP on why Phil had his penalty dismissed. This morning before the start of Day 6, Phil met with Jack Eiffel the WSOP Tournament Director, Howard Greenbaum Harrahs Regional Vice President for Specialty Gaming and Jeffrey Pollack Commissioner of the WSOP. After the discussion, it was deemed that the penalty imposed on Phil was "excessive". Pollack also added, "Warnings and penalties are intended to correct inappropriate behavior and our rulings should be as fair as possible, given the circumstances. In this instance, the punishment did not fit the crime. Phil has now been warned and put on notice in a way that he never has been." Only time will tell if such a warning was enough to make Phil finally grow up and act like a champion instead of a child.

3:10 pm
Tiffany Michele is really pouring on the steam as she is now up to 4,800,000 in chips. Victor Ramdin is gone from the Main Event after his flush draw failed against the full house of Garrett Beckman (J's/5's). Jeremy Joseph is also busted when his move with pocket 5's lost to the pocket J's of Gert Anderson who is now over 10 million in chips.

4:08 pm
The top 5 players with chip counts at this point are Nikolay Losev 10,000,000, Gert Andersen 8,800,000, Brandon Cantu 6,800,000, Tiffany Michele 5,800,000 and Aaron Gordon 5,600,000.

Alex Outhred was busted in 54th place. On his last hand Outhred had A K in preflop mode to the pocket 9's held by Chris Klodnicki. The flop was K 9 7, turn card was a 3 with brick river card which deemed Alex as another casualty in a competition for greatness. (But he did take home $135,000 for his efforts!)

5:22 pm
Phil Hellmuth Jr. has been eliminated in 45th position. He takes home $154,000 for his efforts. On his last hand, Phil was under the gun and went in preflop for his last 405,000 with A Q showing. Andrew Rosskamm made the call with pocket J's. The dealer laid out K 4 3, turn card a 10 and the river being a 2. So Phil will have to wait until next year for a chance at another WSOP bracelet.

Adam Levy also went out in 49th position after his move with A 10 failed against the pocket K's of Ivan Demidov. Demidov is now up to 6,300,000 in chips. The 100,000 lilac coloured chips are now being introduced to the field.

6:10 pm
There are 41 players left in the field after the departure of Phil Hellmuth. It should also be added that with Hellmuth gone, the new champion will not be a former winner. Chris Gilley left in 44th, Jason Glass in 43rd and Johnathan Plens in 42nd position.

Those close to the table where Phil busted said he politely shook the hand of everyone at the table, and then stormed off with a blue streak of cursing along with muttering about not being able to get a break.

7:00 pm
Players will be on a 90 minute dinner break. Action will resume at 8:45 pm. Brandon Cantu is the chip leader at this point with 11,000,000 chips.

8:50 pm
Kido Pham ended up leaving the Main Event in 41st place. Kido went all-in with A K against Joe Bishop with pocket J's. The flop came out as J 10 9, turn card was a 9 and river card a 3. Nothing can suck the life out of you more than starting with a good hand and ending up crushed. But Kido gracefully moved to the exit with a loud round of applause from the railbirds.

We are down to the last 4 tables in the Main Event. Payouts from here on will be a minimum of $193,000. Top names like Mike Matusow, Brandon Cantu and David Rheem are still in the game. Tiffany Michele who looks to be the last woman in the event has 6,800,000 in her stack.

9:49 PM
Tiffany is now up to over 8 million after winning a big pot from Cristian Dragomir. Andrew Brokos just busted out in 35th position after losing to the pocket J's of Scott Montegomery with A J.

Chip piles are getting really huge at this point. Top players with chip counts are Brandon Cantu 10,250,000, Albert Kim 9,400,000, Kelly Kim 9,000,000, Dennis Phllips 9,000,000 and Tiffany Michele 8,500,000.

10:49 pm
Recent busts:

#34 Greg Byard ($193,000)
#33 Jamal Kumbuz ($193,000)
#32 Clint Schafer ($193,000)
#31 Garrett Beckman ($193,000)

11:43 pm
Mike Matusow was eliminated in position #30 ($193,000) when after both he and Paul Snead raised and saw a flop of A A 5. Both parties checked and watched as a 9 hit on the turn. At that point Matusow raised 500,000 and Snead went all-in and Matusow called. Mike knew he had A J, but he had to be sick when he saw the A 9 of Snead. When the river card of Kc came up, Mike knew it was time to give up his seat at the Main Event.

11:53 pm
Cristian Dragomir went to pick up the payout for a 29th place finish ($193,000). Dragomir was ousted after his pocket 10's were beaten by the pocket A's of Joe Bishop.

Nikolay Losev was the last bust of the night as he will pick up the money for a 28th place finish in the Main Event. His all-in with 3 8 lost to the A 5 of Nicholas Silwinski. Losev will pick up ($193,000) for his efforts.
  1. Dennis Phillips -- 11,910,000
  2. Craig Marquis -- 11,460,000
  3. Tiffany Michelle -- 9,755,000
  4. Peter Eastgate -- 9,325,000
  5. Kelly Kim -- 8,840,000
  6. David "Chino" Rheem -- 8,280,000
  7. Gert Andersen -- 6,740,000
  8. Paul Snead -- 6,600,000
  9. Chris Klodnicki -- 6,245,000
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