2008 Event 54 World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 7

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2008 WSOP Event 54
World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 7

Individual Event Reports

Event 54 -- World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Day 7

  • Number of players Day 1A: 1,297, Remaining 636
  • Number of players Day 1B: 1,158, Remaining 615
  • Number of players Day 1C: 1,928, Remaining 1,026
  • Number of players Day 1D: 2,461, Remaining 1,652
  • Number of players Day 2A: 1,251, Remaining 466
  • Number of players Day 2B: 2,379, Remaining 842
  • Number of players Day 3: 1,308, Remaining 474
  • Number of players Day 4: 474, Remaining 189
  • Number of players Day 5: 189, Remaining 79
  • Number of players Day 6: 79, Remaining 27
  • Number of players Day 7: 27, Remaining 9
1:56 pm
We have to catch you up, so here it is. Play was continued at level 28 with blinds at $40/80,000 and a $10,000 ante. The goal is to play down to the final nine. First to go was Michael Carroll in 27th place. After a flop of A 5 4, Carroll moved in with the last of his chips and was called by Gert Andersen. Gert turned over pocket 4's which dominated the A 9 of Carroll. The last two cards were a J and 10, which removed any hope for Carroll to improve his position. Carroll picked up $254,334 for his efforts.

Phi Nguyen left in 26th after his all-in with A 10 was overcome by the pocket J's of Paul Snead. Nguyen collected $254,334 as a reward for finishing in the top 1%.

2:13 pm
Next bust took place when Niklas Flisberg's A 10 lost to the A K suited of Joe Bishop. Both players paired their Ace on the flop, but that was all that came up. So due to the K kicker of Bishop, Flisberg went to collect his reward of $254,334 for a 25th place finish.

2:32 pm
Aaron Gordon busted out in 24th place. He moved in with close to 2 million chips with Q 10 of clubs, and was called by the pocket J's of Darus Suharto. None of the cards hitting the table improved the position of either player, resulting in Aaron picking up $254,334 for a nice vacation or pretty much anything he wants.

3:17 pm
Tim Loecke ended up finishing in position number 23. The last hand was a three way with Tim going all-in before the flop seeing both Scott Montegomery and Ylon Schwartz calling. The flop was 10 2 A, turn card was a 3, and at that point a raise from Schwartz made Montegormery fold. Then Schwartz showed pocket 3's which made a set and became a significant advantage over the pocket 6's of Loecke. After the river card of 4, it was over for Loecke who collected $254,334 for making it this far.

Judet Toni Cristian was eliminated in 22nd place, after the pocket J's lost out to the pocket K's of Darus Suharto. Cristian received $254,334 for finishing that high. Paul Snead finished 21st in the Main Event when the A 10 he had was stonewalled by the A K of Craig Marquis. Snead received $254,334 for his finish as well.

Brandon Cantu went all-in preflop from the button with 2.3 million chips....and was called by Peter Eastgate. Brandon had pocket 9's and Eastgate produced Ad Qs. The flop showed 8d 6d 3d, turn was a 8h, but the river was a 4d, giving Eastgate a diamond flush and the win of enough chips to put him back over 9 million. Brandon Cantu left his chair, ending his chance for the bracelet in 20th. Albert Kim's move with A K was stopped in 19th by Chris Klodnocki brandishing pocket 9's that turned into a set on the flop, leaving Kim on the pathway to the rail picking up $254,334 at the end of the WSOP rainbow. At this time, tournament officials will redraw seats for the remaining 18 players.

4:32 pm
Play continues at level 29 with blinds at 50/100,000 and a 10,000 ante. The top 5 players now are Dennis Phillips with 15,000,000 in chips, Joe Bishop with 14,500,000, Scott Montegomery/Darus Suharto both with 12,500,000 and Craig Marquis with 11,500,000. Tiffany Michele, the only woman left in the Main Event, is still in the running with 4,600,000 at last count.

5:10 pm
Jason Risenberg was eliminated in 18th place from the Main Event. He lost his all-in move with Dean Hambrick who ended up with a full house (9's/Q's) by the river. Jason earned $334,534 for his performance in the Main Event.

5:48 pm
Tiffany Michele is no longer in the Main Event, busting out in 17th place. She was in a 3-way and saw a flop of A 10 9. After raises from the other two players, she said she was all-in and pushed 3.8 million chips to the center. Peter Eastgate called and produced pocket A's to be in a better position than Tiffany was with A J. The other two cards bricked for Tiffany so she received $334,534 for doing so well. She left to a standing ovation from everyone.

Anthony Scherer is our 16th finisher as he lost out to Peter Eastgate who's pocket K's turned into a solid two pair (K's and 9's). Anthony took home a big check in the amount of $334,534 for making it this far.

8:40 pm
Players were scheduled for a 90 min dinner break from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. But just before the dinner break started, Owen Crowe became the 15th place finisher after losing a hand to Ivan Demidov. In his final hand, Owen pushed 1.84 million chips to the center after two raises and re-raises. Demidov made the call and showed A Q to the pocket pair of 9's Crowe had. Everything was fine for Crowe until another Queen came on the turn, giving Demidov a larger pair. Crowe will be taking home $463,201 for his efforts.

8:52 pm
Gert Andersen was just eliminated in 14th place. Ylon Schwartz raised and Gert moved all-in with A J suited and Ylon responded with A K. None of the cards that came helped either player and Ylon picked up his chips and is now at 17.6 million and Gert picked up the payout which was $463,201.

9:51 pm
Finishing in 13th place is Nicholas Sliwinski. (He may have been tired which happens in this type of marathon event.) Nicholas bet big from the start and continued to bet bigger each stage of the hand and was called each time by Dennis Phillips. The flop had 9 7 3 of hearts, turn card was 6 spades and river was 9 spades. Nicholas moved all-in by the river and was instantly called by Dennis. Nicholas showed 5 6 offsuit and Dennis produced King and Queen of hearts for a King high flush obtained on the flop. Nicholas will pick up $463,201 as a result.

11:41 pm
Our 12th place finisher is Chris Klodnicki. He will receive $591,869 for his efforts. His all-in move with J 10 of diamonds was crushed by the full house of Dennis Phillips (Q's/J's).

12:30 am
Joe Bishop will lay claims to the 11th place finish in the Main Event. On the last hand, Joe moved in preflop with A 3 in the amount of 2.4 million chips. He was called by David Rheem with pocket 2's. The flop was A 3 5 which gave Joe a nice two pair, but also gave David a inside straight draw. Turn card was a Q and river a 4 which helped David Rheem make his straight and sent Joe to the sidelines. Bishop will gain $591,869 for an incredible performance.

4:51 am
Well, it took 4 1/2 hours but we have the last elimination. Dean Hamrick went in with A J preflop, only to meet the pocket Q's of Craig Marquis. The dealer placed the following cards on the felt, Kc 10h 3d 10d Ks giving the victory to Craig Marquis with two pair (K's and Q's). Dean will receive $591,869 as a reward for putting everything he had into trying to make the final table.

Now the final table will continue on November 9th here in the Amazon room at the RIO hotel in Las Vegas. The 9 will play until 7 are gone, then the final two will play heads up the following day until there is a champion. Here are the final table players with chip counts:
  1. Dennis Phillips -- 26,295,000
  2. Ivan Demidov -- 24,400,000
  3. Scott Montegomery -- 19,690,000
  4. Peter Eastgate -- 18,375,000
  5. Ylon Schwartz -- 12,525,000
  6. Darus Suharto -- 12,520,000
  7. David "Chino" Rheem -- 10,230,000
  8. Craig Marquis -- 10,210,000
  9. Kelly Kim -- 2,620,000

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