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2007 World Series of Poker
Main Event Day 1B

Day 1B will be scheduled to begin at noon with up to 3000 players starting with 20,000 in chips. They will also play 6 levels, each level 120 minutes in length. Dinner will be at 7:30 p.m. and will be for 90 minutes. Breaks will take place at all levels for 20 minutes. And keep in mind that, "Adjustments may be made to the number of levels played each day." Check back with us from time to time as it will be a while to finish all 6 levels. Day 1A was 14 hours long when you factor in all the breaks and dinner, so get coffee if needed.

Here are the blinds and antes for the first 6 levels:
  • Level 1 $50/$100
  • Level 2 $100/$200
  • Level 3 $200/$400
  • Level 4 $200/$400 with $50 ante
  • Level 5 $300/$600 with $75 ante
  • Level 6 $400/$800 with $100 ante

12:06 p.m. Yesterday on Day 1A there were 1287 players, but today may bring more to the tables. Players are being allowed to enter the Amazon room at noon, so as they take their seats the tournament can begin. Last year's winner Jamie Gold didn't have his seat card and security would not let him in. After some discussion, he pointed up on the wall to the 2006 poster of himself which is at the forefront of the list of Main Event champions to show the guard who he was. Eventually, the guard let him in.

12:15 p.m. The sound of "Shuffle up and Deal" was heard through the Amazon room by Penn & Teller and Day 1B is underway!

12 35 p.m. First bust took place when a player went all-in with pocket J's and was beaten with a set of 4's.

1:10 p.m. Lots of big players came in for today's round. Seen so far have been 2005 Main Event champion Joe Hachem, Scott Fischman, Juha Helppi, Noah Boeken, Sam Grizzle, Robert Cheung, Evelyn Ng, Shirley Williams, Scotty Nguyen, Robert Mizrachi, Sammy Farha, Kido Pham, Hoyt Corkins, William Chen, Roland DeWolfe, Joe Sebok, David Williams, J.J. Liu, David Singer, John Juanda, Davidson Matthew and Charlie Shoten.

1:25 p.m. More names have been seen such as talk-show host Montel Williams, Hollywood personality Norm MacDonald, 1983 WSOP Champion Tom McEvoy, 1986 WSOP Champion Berry Johnston, director and writer Nick Cassavetes, Howard Lederer, Scott Fischman, J.J. Liu and her little poker partner in the oven, Sam Farha, Captain Tom Franklin, David Williams and his mother Shirley Williams.

2:26 p.m. Two more WSOP Main Event champions were seen in the field today. They are Dan Harrington (1995) and Scotty Nguyen (1998). 2005 Main Event champion Joe Hachem was invited to play at the ESPN featured table. ESPN is all over the Amazon room with cameras everywhere. At this point some of the top chip leaders are Robert Cheung 42,075, Joe Sebok 34,000, Sammy Farha 27,000, Evelyn Ng 27,000, Scotty Nguyen 25,800, J.J. Liu 25,000, Dan Alspach 25,000, Joe Hachem 24,000, Dan Harrington 24,000 and Barry Shulman 23,500.

3:18 p.m. Joe Sebok, the winner of the 3-way bet between him, Gavin Smith and Jeff Madsen, has him wearing a nice kingly cape and crown. But unfortunately he had to walk in to take his seat on his Day 1 play as Gavin Smith was away golfing in Lake Tahoe. Part of the bet was that Smith and Madsen carry him in on a chair. Yesterday Madsen endured dozens of photographs wearing the jester outfit. We will keep you informed as to the type of punishment the king gives his jester Smith when he sees him again.

4:32 p.m. A new first has taken place at the WSOP in that a player by the name of Jason Halbrook is taking part in the tournament and is blind. He is seated with an aide to let him know his hand and any other information going on during play. A very bad beat was put to European player Simon 'Aces' Trumper. He hit a full house with all but 10% of his stack in the middle and lost it to another player with quad Jacks. Chip reports have Robert Cheung down to 21,000, David Singer 16,000, Annie Duke 12,000, Young Phan 11,000, Joe Sebok 56,000, Scotty Nguyen 46,800, Justin Bonomo 41,000 and Jane Gold mother of Jamie Gold at 34,000.

5:20 p.m. Recently busted are John Juanda, Barny Boatman, Aaron Kanter, Sam Farha and Howard Lederer. Shirley Williams, the mom of David Williams crushed another player's pocket K's with quad 10's during an all-in move she made! The win put her up to 41,000 chips.

6:35 p.m. Blind player Jason Holbrook was recently busted out of the Main Event. He stated during an interview with ESPN that after losing his eyesight, he developed a love for the game of poker. He also stated that his plans are to return next year and do all he can to win the event. We wish him all the best. For tomorrow Day 1C, there are 1,606 are registered to play. Outside of any emergencies this should be a good number at the tables to have. Tony Guoga just raked in a big pot with quad Jacks. He is up to 43,000 in chips.

7:30 p.m. All players have stopped in order to take dinner break. Level 3 has come to an end and with it the players David Bach, Dan Nassif, Dan Shak, Steve Wong and Annie Duke have been eliminated.

8:40 p.m. Dinner break is now finished. At this point there are over 1100 players remaining out of the field of 1,545 who entered this tournament. Cliff Josephy is on fire as he now is closing in on the 100K chip mark. Currently he has 96,000 in his stack. Action will now take place at level 4 with blinds at $300/$600 with a $75 ante.

9:15 p.m. More bustouts have taken place with Norm MacDonald, Jennifer Harman, Jeff Lisandro and David "Chino" Rheem now on the sidelines.

10:12 p.m Montel Williams is doing well with 69,000 chips in his stack and reportedly playing very solid poker. But gone are Max Pescatori, Isabelle Mercier, Kathy Liebert, Marc Karam and Scott Fischman.

11:24 p.m. Erik Seidel is in trouble after losing a hand to an opponent with pocket 10's. Seidel only has 3,200 chips. Names of more players busted out of the Main Event are Sam Grizzle, Mads Andersen, Mike Wattel, Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, Vanessa Selbst, David Williams and David Singer. Singer's bust came with issues, for one his opponent's cell rang during play and he looked at it and shut it off. Then the opponent says he will call the hand, and Singer's response is that he was told a player who touches a cell phone during a hand has a dead hand. Tournament directors did not agree with Singer and the hand continued with Singer busting out and not happy at all about how it happened. Singer who is an attorney is requesting the gaming commission to review the issue. We'll keep you updated on that one. On the good side, Montel won a big all-in and is now up to 150,000 in his stack.

12:33 a.m. Sunday July 8th Erik Seidel was gone from the tournament after being busted. 2005 Main Event Champion Joseph Hachem survived a big all-in move with A K against someone with pocket A's. Remaining cards gave Hachem a Broadway straight for the win, doubling him up to 30,000 chips. Regarding the Singer incident, the lead floor supervisor looked at surveillance camera regarding the other player's actions with his cell phone and reported the player did exactly what he said he did in shutting it off. Then, they examined the phone to see if the player could have text messaged using just one touch. It was found that 3 touches would be necessary for a text message. So they stood by their decision. Singer will still continue having the Nevada Gaming Commission investigate the issue.

1:26 a.m. The top 10 players with chip counts at this time are Dag Martin Mikkelsen 212,000, John Sacha 135,000, Scott Bohman 129,000, Gene Strickland 128,000, Rep Porter 125,000, Todd Phillips 121,000, Jim Kilargian 120,000, Jun Takada 116,000, Dave Lunde 115,000 and Jeff Banghart 115,000.

3:03 a.m. Updates on eliminations now include Roland de Wolfe, Dan Alspach who had his pocket A's busted by a set of 10's, Young Phan, Alex Prendes, Jr., Johan Storakers, Michael Woo, Noah Boeken and Juha Helppi.

4:00 a.m. Play has ended for Day 1B. There were 589 players left from Day 1B.

Top 50 players with chip counts for Day 1B:
  1. Dag Martin -- 236,000
  2. Jeff Banghart -- 186,200
  3. Albert Strickland -- 180,700
  4. George Dunst -- 168,900
  5. Lewis Pilkington -- 166,000
  6. John Sacha -- 163,400
  7. Sven Anders Johnsson -- 161,100
  8. Jason Welch -- 160,500
  9. Frank Bluemlein -- 152,400
  10. John Duthie -- 151,300
  11. Daniel Makowsky -- 148,300
  12. Mike Spalliero -- 148,000
  13. Rep Porter -- 147,600
  14. Andrea Buzzigoli -- 147,200
  15. Andrew Manser -- 143,500
  16. Scott Seiver -- 140,800
  17. David "The Dragon" Pham -- 140,000
  18. Carl Henriksson -- 139,500
  19. Bradley Duck -- 138,600
  20. Curtis VanGilder -- 136,400
  21. Michael Simhai -- 133,000
  22. Bob Robbins -- 130,100
  23. Chris Viox --129,700
  24. Scotty Nguyen -- 129,000
  25. Hoa Nguyen -- 126,500
  26. Bob Poole -- 126,000
  27. Morten Mertner -- 125,800
  28. Jonathan Tore -- 124,000
  29. Arturo Morales -- 124,000
  30. William Spadea -- 122,800
  31. Scott Bohlman -- 120,800
  32. Todd Phillips -- 119,600
  33. Berry Johnston -- 118,500
  34. Levi Nicolas -- 117,900
  35. Cliff Josephy -- 117,700
  36. Hopfner Moritz -- 116,800
  37. Joseph Kozlowsky -- 113,100
  38. Jaime Montero -- 113,000
  39. John Strzemp -- 111,500
  40. Vandy Krouch -- 110,100
  41. Michael Zinna -- 109,400
  42. Bryan Swanson -- 108,100
  43. Phillip Green -- 108,000
  44. Jan Sorensen -- 108,000
  45. Ut Nguyen -- 107,700
  46. Gregg Jaffy -- 106,500
  47. James Kilarjian -- 106,400
  48. Daniel Attie -- 105,900
  49. Max Casal -- 105,300
  50. Dapo Fadeyi -- 104,300
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