2007 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 3

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WSOP 2007 Main Event Final Table

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2007 World Series of Poker
Main Event Day 3

For the Main Event Day 3, those who survived Day 2A and 2B which number 796, will sit down for another round beginning at 12 noon. Action will take place for another 6 rounds unless changes are made. Length of levels, breaks and dinner break will be the same as for prior days.

Total number of players to date:
  • Day 1A: Total players entered 1,287, players that survived 447
  • Day 1B: Total players entered 1,545, players that survived 589
  • Day 1C: Total players entered 1,743, players that survived 659
  • Day 1D: Total players entered 1,783, players that survived 641
  • Day 2A: Total players combined 1,036, players remaining 350
  • Day 2B: Total players combined 1,300, players remaining 447
  • Day 3: Total players combined 797,
Here are the blinds and antes for the 6 rounds to be played:
  • Level 12 $1500/$3000 with $400 ante
  • Level 13 $2000/$4000 with $500 ante
  • Level 14 $2500/$5000 with $500 ante
  • Level 15 $3000/$6000 with $1000 ante
  • Level 16 $4000/$8000 with $1000 ante
  • Level 17 $5000/$10000 with $1000 ante
12:04 p.m. The sound of 'Shuffle up and deal!' went around the Amazon room and play is underway. Players will finish out level 11 which has 35 minutes left in it with blinds at $1200/$2400 with a $300 ante. Expect quick action from the short stacks like James Davenport with 32,700 chips, Shirley Williams with 33,900, Jason Stern 37,800 and Morgan Machina 39,200.

12:06 p.m. It took two minutes for the first bust to occur. It was Asger Boye having 128,400 chips, moved all-in with pocket 9's only to be stopped by a wall of pocket Queens.

12:24 p.m. We apologize on the first bust notation, actually there were so many busts from the start no one knows who it was. Shannon Hudson with 26,100 chips busted out earlier than Boye courtesy of the two pair from Carlos Mortensen (4's and 5's).

12:45 p.m. Shirley Williams doubled up on a win after she went all-in with pocket A's and came out on top. Her stack now sits at 58,000. Today should prove to be an exciting day as the money will be reached with player 621.

12:58 p.m. Play is now at level 12 with blinds at $1500/$3000 with a $400 ante. Recent busts include John Monette, Cindy Longoria, Hao Dong, Chris Ferguson after his A 5 was beaten down with an opponents pocket Q's, Scott Lacy and David Farber.

2:02 p.m. There are now 715 players at tables. Huge upsets are taking place resulting in chip stacks vaulting upwards. Gus Hansen started with 622,300 and is now up to 760,000, Thomas Koo began with 270,600 and is now at 614,200, Andy Philachack began with 451,500 and is now at 600,000 and Chad Brown had 320,000 and is up to 500,000 chips. Needless to say bracelet dreams are being crushed for many by the minute.

2:39 p.m. More hypergrowth of chip stacks being reported. Huck Seed began with 280,500 and now has 480,000, Clint Schafer 300,000 to 500,000, Robert Damiano 276,100 to 571,000 and Carlos Mortensen 254,700 to 450,000. A big controversy came up during play at one table because one player was speaking in Spanish and he was told according to the rules that this was an English speaking game and outside of communication with the dealer you must speak in English, because players come from all over the world. To some it seemed harsh, until at another table two players Raul Lopez and Christiane Klecz went all-in resulting in one player busting out and as expected one wanted to protest it. Raul did not speak English and it took 20 minutes and the WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack at the table to straighten out the situation. Meanwhile, no play took place for 20 minutes for the remaining players at that table.

3:00 p.m. Big upset happened when Andy Philachack pushed his chips to the middle and was busted! The winner Kenny Tran now has over 1 million chips in his stack and is officially the chip leader at this time. Hand for hand play at the table has been declared as play will now go up to level 13 with blinds at $2000/$4000 with a $500 ante. Plus the money bubble is about to burst as well. We'll post the player count when they tell us what it is.

3:56 p.m. Hand for hand play still continues. Ted Forrest is gone in 634th place. Following his direction are Morgan Machina, Lee Markholt and Gary Avery. Scotty Nguyen is at 68,000, Shirley Williams is at 115,000, Humberto Brenes 61,000, J.C. Tran is at 50,000, Billy Baxter 130,000, Robert Mizrachi 179,000 and Chip Jett is at 210,000.

4:54 p.m. We are down to 626 players.

5:43 p.m. The bubble has burst as we have reached the 621st player!. There is lots of celebration, people on their cell phones telling everyone they know that they made the money in the WSOP! Brian Senie was down to his last 3 chips when he heard that someone else had busted out, he was very happy he was not the "bubble boy". But he did bustout in the very next hand and will receive $20,320 for his efforts.

6:45 p.m. Now that the money players positions are made, eliminations are taking place everywhere. We'll keep you posted on the big names.

7:02 p.m. Players going to the sidelines are Gavin Smith, Jan Sorenson and Jimmy Tran. Still there are Sorel Mizzi with 550,000 chips, Shirley Williams with 97,000, Sully Erna from the band "Godsmack" with 147,000, Scotty Nguyen 121,000, Jerry Yang 795,000 and Robert Nehorayan who is the second player to reach the 1,000,000 chip mark. Players will take dinner break from 7:15 until 8:45.

9:01 p.m. The field has shrunk to 590 players. Actor Tobey McGuire currently has 165,000 in chips, Jeff Banghart has 1,160,000 in chips and Hevad Khan has 815,000. Latest players sent to the rail are Tony Hachem brother of 2005 Main Event Champion Joe Hachem, and Card Player Europe Editor Rolf Slotboom.

9:45 p.m. At this point there are 5 players with over 1 million chips. They are Jeff Banghart 1,445,000, Kenny Tran 1,250,000, Dario Minieri 1,060,000, Marco Mills 1,050,000 and Robert Nehoryan 1,055,000. Top professionals still in the field are Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi, Gus Hansen, Bill Elder, Chad Brown, Darrell Dicken and Peter Feldman.

10:40 p.m. Recent busts are J.C. Tran and Todd Brunson. Players are being sent to pick up their money after elimination at a rapid pace.

11:12 p.m. Others gone from the Main Event include Shirley Williams, Bruno Fitoussi, Andre Boyer, Chip Jett, Chris Grigorian, Amnon Fillipi, Fabrice Soulier and Cliff Josephy. The number of players remaining is close to 395.

12:06 a.m. Friday July 13 We now have 6 players over 1 million in chip with the addition of Jeff Weiss. Other top names in the game include Gus Hansen 980,000, Connor Tate 900,000, Francois Saffiedine 915,000, Brock Parker 997,000, Huck Seed 587,000, Lee Watkinson 500,000, blind player Hal Lubarsky 475,000, Matt Keoikan 480,000 and Matthew Hilger 440,000. Players recently sent to the rail are Leif Force, Minh Ly, Dan Hemiller and Daniel Snowden.

1:35 a.m. Some players went to the sidelines while others have advanced. Recently eliminated from the Main Event are Michael Cooper, Ed Fernandez, Daniel Goldstein, Steve Kuhn, Pamela Brunson, Ian McDonald and Robert Mizrachi. Players still hot are Dario Mineri with 2,405,000 chips as chip leader, Gus Hansen 1,035,000, Kenny Tran 1,330,000, Rep Porter 1,040,000, Issac Haxton 790,000, Connor Tate 670,000, Bill Elder 600,000, Huck Seed 586,000 and Julian Gardener 555,000. We are at 337 players left in the field and the day has officially ended. For those keeping up with Sorel Mizzi, he ended the day with 603,000 chips.

Top 50 players with chip counts:
  1. Dario Minieri -- 2,398,000
  2. Jeff Weiss -- 1,533,000
  3. Jon Kalmar -- 1,410,000
  4. Hevad Khan -- 1,319,000
  5. Kenny Tran -- 1,175,000
  6. Steven Jacobs -- 1,127,000
  7. Brock Parker --1,089,000
  8. Robert Neitrayan -- 1,058,000
  9. William Spadea -- 1,057,000
  10. Nicolas Atlan -- 1,057,000
  11. Gus Hansen -- 1,044,000
  12. Phillip Liou -- 975,000
  13. Rep Porter -- 974,000
  14. Senovio Ramirez, III -- 947,000
  15. Clint Schafer -- 940,000
  16. Andrew Barnes -- 932,000
  17. Jimmy Blevins -- 855,000
  18. Jon Moonves -- 854,000
  19. Jim Lucas -- 836,000
  20. Connor Tate -- 800,000
  21. Isaac Haxton -- 791,000
  22. Jeff Banghart -- 789,000
  23. Kirk Morrison -- 772,000
  24. Francois Safleddine -- 748,000
  25. Evan Marshall -- 742,000
  26. Jerry Yang -- 738,000
  27. Bart Hanson --738,000
  28. Lee Watkinson -- 737,000
  29. Dagmartin Miikkelsen -- 734,000
  30. Justin King -- 714,000
  31. Kristian Obbarius --704,000
  32. Sven Abelsson Runing -- 703,000
  33. Suerre Sunbo -- 702,000
  34. Richard Weisman -- 696,000
  35. John Bird -- 686,000
  36. Scott Freeman -- 683,000
  37. Bjorn-Erik Glenne -- 679,000
  38. Elie Said -- 677,000
  39. Mao Qiu -- 675,000
  40. Bill Edler -- 673,000
  41. Ryan Lawrence -- 671,000
  42. Christian Togsverd -- 666,000
  43. Justin Rollo -- 661,000
  44. Pete de Best -- 649,000
  45. Tuan Lam -- 642,000
  46. Matt Stout -- 639,000
  47. Paul Spitzberg -- 629,000
  48. Chris Lovelace -- 627,000
  49. Kevin Kim -- 620,000
  50. Justin Sadauskas -- 618,000
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