2007 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 6

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WSOP 2007 Main Event Final Table

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2007 World Series of Poker
Main Event Day 6

Day 6 of the Main Event is scheduled to play today down to the final nine, No one knew how many levels would be played today, so we will post the levels, blinds and antes as they are played. Action took place today at the rate of a rise in level every 120 minutes.

Total number of players to date:
  • Day 1A: Total players entered 1,287, players that survived 447
  • Day 1B: Total players entered 1,545, players that survived 589
  • Day 1C: Total players entered 1,743, players that survived 659
  • Day 1D: Total players entered 1,783, players that survived 641
  • Day 2A: Total players combined 1,036, players remaining 350
  • Day 2B: Total players combined 1,300, players remaining 447
  • Day 3: Total players combined 797
  • Day 4: Total players remaining 337
  • Day 5: Total players remaining 112
  • Day 6: Total players remaining 36
9:49 a.m. The goal of Day 6 is to play down to the final nine however long it takes, so we will list the levels, blinds and antes as the day progresses. There should be time left on level 25 ($30000/$60000 with $10000 ante), so that will be our starting point. Yesterday had so many upsets, it was hard to keep up. Today should not disappoint anyone looking for action. Stay with us!

12:08 p.m. The cry of "Shuffle up and deal!" has been heard and the round for the final table players is underway. Play will take place finishing the time left on level 25 for the 36 survivors of Day 5.

12:19 p.m. Two players Robin Bergren and Allan King said good-bye to the Main Event on the same beginning hand for the table. Roy Winston called their all-ins with A K and ended up with a full house (A's/K's) to end the challenges of Bergen (36th) and King (35th) and pick up their combined chip stacks of $1,500,000. Hoa Nguyen left in 34th place soon after. All 3 players will receive $285,678 each for their efforts.

12:52 p.m. Christian Togsverd busted out in 33rd at the ESPN featured table minutes ago. His A J were made to bow before the pocket Queens of Tuan Lam. Four minutes later Kevin Kim left in 32nd after his A K were defeated by the A 9 of Paulo Loureiro when Paulo paired his 9 card.

2:17 p.m. Peter Darvill is gone in 31st place, Jason Koshi in 30th and Ron Kluber in 29th round out the recent eliminations of Day 6. Hands are being played very slowly averaging 6 to 7 every 30 minutes. On the short stack are Scotty Nguyen with 1,400,000 chips, Alex Kravchenko with 1,430,000 in chips and Jason Welch with 1,525,000...if you want to call these players short stacked.

3:00 p.m. The money is getting larger and larger. Lee Childs just raked in a 6.33 million dollar pot. This puts him up as the new chip leader with $11,680,000 in his stack. Next to him is William Spadea with $9,175,000 and Philip Hilm with $8,505,000. Poker is now more expensive as the game is now at level 26 with blinds of $40000/$80000 with a $10000 ante.

3:24 p.m. Paulo Loureiro is out of the tournament in 28th when his pocket K's ran into Wiliam Spadea's pocket A's. 27th place goes to Jeff Bryan after losing to the Ace high straight of Philip Hilm. And Ray Henson just won a big 1.65 million dollar pot off Lee Watkinson. With the loss of the 27th player, tables are being redrawn and players reseated.

4:23 p.m. Roy Winston is 26th in the Main Event after his pocket Q's lost to Jerry Yang's A K and his $4,100,000 stacks of chips. An ace came on the flop and that was the end of the bracelet quest for Roy. He will take home $333,490 to remember this year's WSOP. Daniel Aleai finished in 25th when his A Q met up with the A K of Jon Kalmar with no help for either player by the river.

5:02 p.m. Ryan Elson has been sent to the rail with the ESPN cameras watching in 24th place. His fight for the right to be called champion was stopped when his set of 8's were crushed by the straight of Jon Kalmar. Jerry Yang has busted another player today, and his name is Bill Elder in 23rd. Elder moved all-in short stacked with $1.9 million chips and after some hesitation was called by Yang. Elder showed 9 10 offsuit and Yang laid As Ks on the felt. None of the cards helped Elder as he got up to walk over to pick up his winnings.

5:45 p.m. Latest eliminations, Stefan Mattson in 22nd and Jason Welch in 21st.

6:15 p.m. Two more players sidelined are Mikkel Madsen in 20th and Scott Freeman in 19th. With this we are down to the last two tables in the Main Event. ESPN cameras are repositioning as is everyone else. $381,302 is the amount for the next person to leave the arena. Chip leader at this point is Lee Watkinson with $14,350,000 in chips! Next to him is William Spadea having $10,980,000, Ray Henson with $10,965,000, Lee Childs having $10,910,000 and John Armburst's stack of $10,200,000. After this, play is at level 27 with blinds of $50,000/$100,000 and antes of $10,000.

7:00 p.m. Tuan Lam has just won the biggest pot of the WSOP so far in the amount of $10,440,000! He now has over 16 million dollars in chips. Against John Armbrust, Tuan hit an Ace high flush to become such a big winner. Armbrust is down to $1,000,000 in his stack.

7:15 p.m. John Armbrust became the 18th finisher in the Main Event. For the second time he was hit with an Ace high flush this time held by Lee Childs, knocking his chips to zero. Remaining players will soon break for dinner and return in 90 minutes.

9:08 p.m. Scotty Nugyen doubled up through Philip Hilm to over 5 million in chips with a King high straight. Kevin Farry was the latest to go in 18th place from the Main Event. Shortly there will be a move to level 28 with blinds of $60000/$120000 with $15000 ante.

10:14 p.m. Kenny Tran was busted out in 16th place courtesy of a Ace high flush held by Jon Kalmar. Kalmar is now the chip leader with over $17,000,000 in chips. During the hand Tran thought for a long time about calling the all-in from Kalmar, to where Kalmar called the clock on him. Tran made the decision to call with 4 seconds left to spare. Scotty Nguyen won a $1,850,000 pot from Philip Hilm after losing a few chips at the ESPN featured table so we should see this hand on television. Scotty now has $5,200,000 in his stack.

10:34 p.m. Bob Slezak has just left the Main Event in a 15th place finish. In a hand against Raymond Rahme, Bob moves all-in with pocket 4's and was called by Raymond with pocket 7's. Two Queens hit the board allowing Raymond to win with two pair (7's and Q's), raising his stack to over $8,000,000.

11:15 p.m. When Chris Ferguson showed up, Scotty Nguyen told Chris thanks a lot for being here and that he knows he'll play better just because he was there. Then Scotty said, 'Welcome to the Scotty Nguyen show!' to the laughter and clapping of the crowd around his table. Scotty also won another big hand to vault his stack up to $7,400,000. David Tran is out of the running with a 14th place finish when his A K could not hold up to the pocket 6's of Tuan Lam.

11:22 p.m. William Spadea's seat is now empty after his bustout in 13th place. In what has been a constant nightmare today and yesterday, Spadea went all-in preflop with A K only to be called by the pocket A's of Jon Kalmar. Table showed A 8 8 2 5, giving Kalmar a full house (A's/8's) and the notice for Spadea to pick up his winnings.

11:44 p.m. Ray Henson's departure in 12th place means that there are just 2 players to go until the 9 players for the final table are reached. In a hand with Scotty Nguyen, Henson went all in with pocket 9's after a flop of K 6 6 and Scotty called with K Q, giving him a bigger two pair. None of the remaining cards changed things and Henson was gone with all his chips going to Scotty who now has a stack of $15,500,000. Lee Watkinson has dropped to just under $10,000,000 in chips. Play will continue at level 29 with $80000/$160000 blinds and a $20000 ante. The announcement has been made that play will continue until there are 9 left, no matter how long it takes. (I better get some coffee.)

12:33 a.m. Monday July 16 Scotty just took down a HUGE pot of $8,100,000 from Tuan Lam. Not too long after this, Tuan Lam won a $11,460,000 pot from Scotty! We'll keep you informed.

1:23 a.m. In a gigantic shock, Scotty Nguyen 1998 Main Event champion has gone out in 11th place. After a flop of Kc 7c 3s Scotty went all-in and was quickly called by Philip Hilm. Scotty showed 10c 9c and Philip had Ks Qc. None of the remaining cards helped him and Philip won the hand with a pair of Kings. On one big hand prior to this one, Scotty was dropped down to $2,350,000 in chips before he went all-in.

2:25 a.m. Tournament officials have released the ruling on the amount of chips that are in play. The number is a staggering $127,150,000.00. This number should be $10,000 higher, but during the tournament, some of the players lost chips which were turned in to the staff and were removed out of tournament play. Action is now at level 30 with blinds of $100000/$200000 with an $30000 ante. Only one more elimination is needed for the final table to be established.

4:00 a.m. So far 31 hands have been played with not much more than having drunken spectators escorted out of the Amazon room. Top 5 players with chip counts are Philip Hilm $22,290,000, Tuan Lam $21,210,000, Jon Kalmar $20,640,000, Lee Childs $13,440,000 and Raymond Rahme $12,705,000. Think I'll get more coffee. Why not? The last 10 players at the last table are drinking coffee, Red Bull or soda in order to try and stay awake after 16 hours of play.

4:28 a.m. Steven Garfinkel was eliminated in 10th place in the Main Event. Garfinkle went all-in with A 3 and met up with the pocket Q's of Raymond Rahme. By the river Rahme's Queens became a set and Garfinkle set off to collect his reward for a valient effort. Remember tomorrow is an off day for those who made the final table. We will put as much information as we can on the Day 7 page for you about them.

  1. Philip Hilm -- 22,070,000 chips
  2. Tuan Lam -- 21,315,000 chips
  3. Jon Kalmar -- 20,320,000 chips
  4. Raymond Rahme -- 16,320,000 chips
  5. Lee Childs -- 13,240,000 chips
  6. Lee Watkinson -- 9,925,000 chips
  7. Hevad Khan -- 9,205,000 chips
  8. Jerry Yang -- 8,450,000 chips
  9. Alex Kravchenko -- 6,570,000 chips
  10. Steven Garfinkel -- $476,926
  11. Scotty Nguyen -- $476,926
  12. Ray Henson -- $476,926
  13. William Spadea -- $429,114
  14. David Tran -- $429,114
  15. Bob Slezak -- $381,302
  16. Kenny Tran -- $381,302
  17. Kevin Farry -- $381,302
  18. John Arbrust -- $381,302
  19. Scott Freeman -- $333,490
  20. Mikkel Madsen -- $333,490
  21. Jason Welch -- $333,490
  22. Stefan Mattson -- $333,490
  23. Bill Elder -- $333,490
  24. Ryan Elson -- $333,490
  25. Daniel Aleai -- $333,490
  26. Roy Winston -- $333,490
  27. Jeff Bryan -- $285,678
  28. Paulo Loureiro -- $285,678
  29. Ron Kluber -- $285,678
  30. Jason Koshi -- $285,678
  31. Peter Darvill -- $285,678
  32. Kevin Kim -- $285,678
  33. Christian Togsverd -- $285,678
  34. Hoa Nguyen -- $285,678
  35. Allan King -- $285,678
  36. Robin Bergren -- $285,678
  37. Ayaz Mahmood -- $237,865
  38. Maria Ho -- $237,865
  39. Rep Porter -- $237,865
  40. Philip Yeh -- $237,865
  41. Jeff "The Rain" Banghart -- $237,865
  42. Dag Martin Mikkelsen -- $237,865
  43. Avi Cohen -- $237,865
  44. Senovio Ramirez -- $237,865
  45. Stig Tap Rasmussen -- $237,865
  46. Reagan Silber -- $190,053
  47. Nicholas Atlan -- $190,053
  48. Markus Gonsalves -- $190,053
  49. Adam White -- $190,053
  50. Ken Smith -- $190,053
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