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WSOP 2007 Main Event Final Table

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WSOP 2007 Main Event
Final Table

The WSOP 2007 Main Event final table will come together today July 17th in the Amazon Room at the RIO in Las Vegas, Nevada and we will see who will be the champion. Come back often as we will post updates as they come in.

11:06 a.m. Action will be underway at noon. Financially, Lee Watkinson has the largest motivation to win. Should he take the title, FullTiltPoker will pay him an additional $10,000,000 over the $8,500,000 he will receive as Main Event champion. There are a number of stipulations such as receiving the money over 10 years and having to play 10 hours a week at FullTiltPoker, but for 1 mill a year for 10 years all of us at Just Gamble For Free would do it!

11:36 a.m. Play will begin close to level 31 as there should not be much time left in level 30 from Day 6. Level 31 has blinds of $120,000/$240,000 with ante of $30,000. The players have lots of chips, but when it gets to level 34 with blinds of $250,000/$500,000 with ante of $50,000, this will cause most to have problems remaining in play. A 9th place bust is worth $525,934. Today will be interesting, so stay with us. Here are the amounts for levels 31 to 36:
  • Level 31 $120,000/$240,000 with ante $30,000
  • Level 32 $150,000/$300,000 with ante $40,000
  • Level 33 $200,000/$400,000 with ante $50,000
  • Level 34 $250,000/$500,000 with ante $50,000
  • Level 35 $300,000/$600,000 with ante $75,000
  • Level 36 $400,000/$800,000 with ante $100,000
12:20 p.m. Last year's winner Jamie Gold announced 'Shuffle up and deal!' to begin the final table.

1:25 p.m. In the first hour, 14 hands have been played. Jerry Yang has taken down 2 pots with over 11 million in them.

1:32 p.m. Philip Hilm finishing 9th Huge shock took place when Philip Hilm busted out in 9th place!! He was the chip leader going into the final table with over 22 million in his stack. What happened is that in a hand with Hilm and Jerry Yang, both see a flop of Kd Jd 5c. Hilm raises 2 million and Yang calls with the turn card being a 2h. Hilm moves all-in. Yang calls with Ad Ks and Hilm turns over 8d 5d. Yang has top pair and Hilm has the flush draw. The river card is a 6c and Yang receives a big round of applause as he rakes in a huge amount of chips. Jerry Yang now has $45,090,000 chips in his stack and is without a doubt the new chip leader. Next bust will earn $585,699 for 8th place.

2:14 p.m. Lee Watkinson finishing 8th Jerry Yang continued his dominance as he busted out Lee Watkinson from the Main Event. Both players went all-in pre flop with Watkinson having A 7 and Yang with A 9. None of the cards dealt improved the position of either player even when Watkinson's fiancee was screaming for a 7. After the river, Watkinson shook everyones hand at the table, wished Yang good luck and left the final table. Yang now has more than 55 million in his stack which is over 35% of the chips at the table.

2:52 p.m. Seems that Lee Childs is now gone in 7th. Will post details as they come in.

3:01 p.m. Lee Childs finishing 7th Jerry Yang obviously has his yin and yang in balance, which is reflected in the good luck and consistency of breaking players out of the Main Event. His latest conquest is Lee Childs. Yang bet enough pre-flop to put Childs all-in, and after some reflection Childs called. Childs produced K J and Yang has J 8. The flop brings 6 4 4, turn card is an 8 and the river is a 9 which gives Yang two pair (8's and 4's). If Lee does feel like having a couple of beers, $705,229 for his efforts will buy a lot of them.

3:17 p.m. In an adjustment of the facts, final table action began at level 31 and is now at level 32 with blinds of $150,000/$300,000 with a $40,000 ante. Jerry Yang's stack is now a towering $62,500,000. Here are the chip counts of the remaining players:
  1. Jerry Yang -- $62,500,000
  2. Tuan Lam -- $20,565,000
  3. Jon Kalmar -- $15,840,000
  4. Raymond Rahme -- $15,765,000
  5. Hevad Khan -- 9,985,000
  6. Alex Kravchenko -- $3,010,000
4:01 p.m. Kravchenko had doubled up to $5,860,000 after winning a hand agaist Hevad Khan, giving him extra chips when he really needs it. Jon Kalmar also improved his condition after winning a 4 million chip pot against Jerry Yang with an Ace high hand.

Right now there is standing room only inside of the Amazon room. Spectators and player rail birds are lined up 4 to 5 deep around the Milwalkee Brew podium which hosts the final table area. There are plenty of big screen televisions around so all can see the action.

4:31 p.m. It seems that Hevad Khan did not survive an all-in move and is gone in 6th. Details will be posted after things are sorted out. There are so many people, ESPN cameras and media to where it's becoming a confusing environment.

4:25 p.m. Hevad Khan finished 6th Well the facts are in and this is wild. Yang bet pre-flop and was called by Khan, but before the flop was distributed Khan says, "I'm all-in in the dark" to the amazement of all around. Yang thought about it and did call. The flop showed Kc 2d 4c, turn card a 3c and river a 3s. Yang had pocket J's and Khan had As Qs. Hevad Khan was out of character on this hand from the way he has played this Main Event, but he will take home $956,243 for his efforts. This is good for Kravchenko who is now officially one of 5 instant millionaires created no matter what happens.

Chip counts after Hevad Khan in 6th place:
  1. Jerry Yang -- $73,035,000
  2. Tuan Lam -- $19,915,000
  3. Jon Kalmar -- $15,910,000
  4. Raymone Rahme -- $13,955,000
  5. Alex Kravchenko -- $5,860,000
5:17 p.m. Ouch! Looks like Jon Kalmar is now gone from the table and it looks like Raymond Rahme got his chips. Details when they come in.

5:40 p.m. Jon Kalmar finished 5th place Well Jon Kalmar decided to go all in after Raymone Rahme bet $2,700,000 of which Rahme called. Kalmar had A K verses pocket J's for Rahme. The board showed 10c 9h 6h 3c 3h, giving Rahme two pair (J's and 3's) sending Kalmar to the cashier for his million dollar plus payday. If this keeps up, it may be the shortest Main Event final table in WSOP history. Play is now at level 33 with blinds at $200,000/$400,000 with a $50,000 ante. Here are the chip counts at present:
  1. Jerry Yang -- $72,375,000
  2. Raymond Rahme -- $29,200,000
  3. Tuan Lam -- $15,800,000
  4. Alex Kravchenko -- $10,100,000
6:41 p.m. Kravchenko is now up to $16,500,000 winning a big pot from Yang. But Yang is still over $65 million in chips and has won over 30% of all hands dealt so far. Rahme has $28.8 million and Tuan Lam has $16.5 million. Soon players will stop for dinner break for 90 minutes.

9:07 p.m. Players are back from dinner and action continues.

10:03 p.m. Since dinner break ending most of the action has just been chip movement between the 4 players. Things should change with the increase in level to 34 which has blinds at $250,000/$500,000 with $50,000 ante.

10:39 p.m. Chip counts of players currently:
  1. Jerry Yang -- $57,625,000
  2. Raymond Rahme -- $29,200,000
  3. Alex Kravchenko -- $28,300,000
  4. Tuan Lam -- $12,350,000
11:05 p.m. Tom "Donkey Bomber" Schneider has just received the 2007 World Series of Poker Player of the Year award from Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack. And Tuan Lam just won a big hand against Alex Kravchenko increasing his stack to $22,750,000. Kravchenko is down to $10,800,000.

11:32 p.m Kravchenko has made an incredible comeback and is now past Rahme in chips with over $30 million in his stack.

12:09 a.m. Wednesday July 18 The price of poker has gone up with the blinds now at level 35 with blinds at $300,000/$600,000 with an $75,000 ante. Here are the chip counts currently:
  1. Jerry Yang -- $51,275,000
  2. Tuan Lam -- $32,100,000
  3. Raymond Rahme -- $23,900,000
  4. Alex Kravchenko -- $20,200,000
1:04 a.m. It seems that Yang has lost the monopolizing advantage from his chip numbers. He's gone from the $73 million mark down to his present $46.5 million. Basically chips have just been going back and forth from player to player. Another major leap in blinds is level 37 when blinds will reach $500,000/$1,000,000 which should be hit around 4 to 4:15 this morning. We will see what happens then.

1:37 a.m. Alex Kravchenko finished 4th Alex moved all-in preflop with A K and was called by Raymond Rahme holding pocket 8's. Then the table showed Q 9 8 on the flop, turn card was 4 and the river was a 3. This capped a great performance in the Main Event for Alex Kravchenko who will take home $1,852,721 for his efforts.

1:45 a.m. Raymond Rahme finished 3rd Not long after he wished Nelson Mandela happy birthday and that he was bringing the bracelet back to Africa, Rahme realized he would have to try again next year. Jerry Yang raised 2.5 mil and is reraised 8.6 mil by Rahme. The flop is Ad Jh 8H which led to a check from Rahme. Yang then laid an additional $10 million after which Rahme went all-in. Rahme showed pocket K's and Yang pumped his fist and laid A 5 on the table. Turn card is a 3 and the river is a 2. Rahme will be rewarded with $3,048,025 for his success in the Main Event.

This can only mean that it's heads up between Jerry Yang and Tuan Lam! Jerry Yang has $104,450,000 and Tuan Lam has $23,025,000. We will keep you updated.

3:24 a.m. Play has been elevated to level 36 which has blinds of $400,000/$800,000 with a $100,000 ante. Tuan has been tight, not anxious to tangle with Yang. (I wonder if he has read Doyle Brunson's Super Systems where Doyle talked about what happened to "Broomcorn's uncle"?) Chip count is now Yang $117,425,000 and Lam $10,050,000. Yang seems to have the monetary balance of a small country before him.

3:54 Jerry Yang is the Main Event Champion! What happened on the final hand is that Yang raised $1.5 million and Lam went all-in with Ad Qd and was called by Yang holding pocket 8's. The table showed Q 9 5 7 6, giving Yang a 9 high straight, $8,250,000 dollars and a beautiful bracelet featuring 136 grams of 18-carat white gold set with 120 diamonds, which is the signet of all Main Event champions. Tuan Lam is also made an instant millionaire for his excellent 2nd place finish in this tournament. Congratulations Jerry Yang!

End of the Main Event and the 2007 World Series of Poker ==================================================
Top 50 players final results:
  1. Jerry Yang -- $8,250,000
  2. Tuan Lam -- $4,840,981
  3. Raymond Rahme -- $3,048,025
  4. Alex Kravchenko -- $1,852,721
  5. Jon Kalmar -- $1,255,069
  6. Hevad Khan -- $956,243
  7. Lee Childs -- $705,229
  8. Lee Watkinson -- $585,699
  9. Philip Hilm -- $525,934
  10. Steven Garfinkel -- $476,926
  11. Scotty Nguyen -- $476,926
  12. Ray Henson -- $476,926
  13. William Spadea -- $429,114
  14. David Tran -- $429,114
  15. Bob Slezak -- $381,302
  16. Kenny Tran -- $381,302
  17. Kevin Farry -- $381,302
  18. John Arbrust -- $381,302
  19. Scott Freeman -- $333,490
  20. Mikkel Madsen -- $333,490
  21. Jason Welch -- $333,490
  22. Stefan Mattson -- $333,490
  23. Bill Elder -- $333,490
  24. Ryan Elson -- $333,490
  25. Daniel Aleai -- $333,490
  26. Roy Winston -- $333,490
  27. Jeff Bryan -- $285,678
  28. Paulo Loureiro -- $285,678
  29. Ron Kluber -- $285,678
  30. Jason Koshi -- $285,678
  31. Peter Darvill -- $285,678
  32. Kevin Kim -- $285,678
  33. Christian Togsverd -- $285,678
  34. Hoa Nguyen -- $285,678
  35. Allan King -- $285,678
  36. Robin Bergren -- $285,678
  37. Ayaz Mahmood -- $237,865
  38. Maria Ho -- $237,865
  39. Rep Porter -- $237,865
  40. Philip Yeh -- $237,865
  41. Jeff "The Rain" Banghart -- $237,865
  42. Dag Martin Mikkelsen -- $237,865
  43. Avi Cohen -- $237,865
  44. Senovio Ramirez -- $237,865
  45. Stig Tap Rasmussen -- $237,865
  46. Reagan Silber -- $190,053
  47. Nicholas Atlan -- $190,053
  48. Markus Gonsalves -- $190,053
  49. Adam White -- $190,053
  50. Ken Smith -- $190,053
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