2007 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 5

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2007 World Series of Poker
Main Event Day 5

Main Event Day 5 goal is to continue play for 5 levels or to 27 players which ever comes first, so depending on the determination of the players this could be a long or short day. Action will start at 12:00 noon. Per information released from Harrah's, the length of levels, breaks and dinner break will stay the same as with the other days.

Total number of players to date:
  • Day 1A: Total players entered 1,287, players that survived 447
  • Day 1B: Total players entered 1,545, players that survived 589
  • Day 1C: Total players entered 1,743, players that survived 659
  • Day 1D: Total players entered 1,783, players that survived 641
  • Day 2A: Total players combined 1,036, players remaining 350
  • Day 2B: Total players combined 1,300, players remaining 447
  • Day 3: Total players combined 797
  • Day 4: Total players remaining 337
  • Day 5: Total players remaining 112
Here are the blinds and antes for the next 5 levels:
  • Level 21 $12000/$24000 with $3000 ante
  • Level 22 $15000/$30000 with $4000 ante
  • Level 23 $20000/$40000 with $5000 ante
  • Level 24 $25000/$50000 with $5000 ante
  • Level 25 $30000/$60000 with $10000 ante
12:12 p.m. Shuffle up and deal! has been heard and play is under way for Day 5. Action will continue at level 20 with blinds of $10000/$20000 with a $3000 ante. Yesterday only 4 levels were played, ranging from the remainder of level 17 to action at level 20 that still has some time left on it.

12:20 p.m. First bust happened within 5 min. of the start. Andrew Gunderson having Q J, moved all-in with 325,000 and was busted by Jeff Bryan who had A Q.

12:47 p.m. Jimmy Blevins, Brian Tracey and Travis Belles have busted out of the Main Event.

1:52 p.m. Chad Brown was gone to the sidelines after his Kh 7h was overcome by the pocket 8's of another player. Dario Minieri joined him when his all-in move with 1.1 million using Qs 7s was punished by the set of 3's of Reagen Silber. Cory Carroll and Issac Haxton are also gone. Gus Hansen has been crippled to 410,000 chips. Top dogs right now are Avi Cohen with 4,700,000 chips, Dag Martin Mikkelsen with 4,200,000 who is busting players left and right, Philip Hilm with 3,300,000, Scotty Nugyen 2,400,000 and Alex Kravchenko 2,274,000.

2:20 p.m. Fewer big names are at the tables, but are still making their prescence felt such as John Spadavecchia with 1,428,000 chips, Julian Gardner 1,500,000, Lee Watkinson 1,700,000, Daniel Alaei 1,850,000, Huck Seed, 1,950,000, Humberto Brenes 1,000,000, Bill Elder 1,100,000 and Dennis Perry 400,000.

3:25 p.m. Lee Watkinson has busted both Jeff Weiss and Jared Hamby. We are at 98 players at the tables.

4:15 p.m. Humberto Brenes and his shark toy are no longer in the Main Event. What happened is that his A K suited ran into the pocket Aces of Hevad Khan.

5:02 p.m. Francois Safieddine, Thierry Van Den Burg and Mark Ellerbe are no longer in the Main Event. There are now 80 players left at the tables. Heavyweights in the field are Dag Martin Mikkelsen with 4,800,000 chips, Lee Watkinson 4,600,000, Scotty Nguyen 3,900,000, Hevad Khan 3,300,000 and Alex Kravchenko 2,260,000. Still in the game are Maria Ho (the only woman left in the Main Event), Mickey Segal, Dennis Perry, Gus Hansen, Ayaz Mahmood and Matt Keikoan.

5:40 p.m. The field's number count has reached 77 players. Huck Seed, the 1996 Main Event Champion, was one of those casualties.

6:43 p.m. Gus Hansen is fighting to get back up the ladder with 900,000 chips. Recent bracelet dreams were ended for Brandon Adams in 69th place, Dennis Perry in 68th, Ryan Lawrence in 67th and Diego Cordovez in 66th. All will receive $130,288 for their hard fought efforts.

7:30 p.m. Dinner break will be until 9:00 p.m. PDT. Just before the break, Gus Hansen was sent to the rail in 61st place and John Spadavecchia finished 60th.

9:02 p.m. Dinner break is finished. The top 5 players with chip counts are Dag Martin Mikkelsen with 5,700,000 chips, Lee Watkinson 5,100,000, Jerry Yang 4,600,000, Scott Freeman 4,170,000 and Tom Peterson 4,025,000. Others at the table are Scotty Nguyen 3,600,000 chips, Bill Elder 1,560,000, Rep Porter 1,500,000, Maria Ho 1,250,000 and Avi Cohen who has dropped to 635,000. Earlier in the day Cohen was as high as 4,700,000 in chips.

9:07 p.m. We have just learned that play will continue for two more levels and can stop at 27 players. But if there are still more than 36 players at the end of two levels, play will continue until 36 remain. Play is now at level 23 where blinds are $20000/$40000 with a $5000 ante.

10:04 p.m. Avi Cohen has turned his situation around bringing his chips up to 2,275,000 after winning against Ayaz Mahmood beating his set of Jacks with a Ace high flush. Rep Porter just doubled up against Lee Watkinson, bringing his stack up to 3,500,000. Rep hit a flush on the turn, beating the set of 6's Lee received on the flop. David Tran with pocket 6's held up against the A K of Dag Martin Mikkelsen to double up his chips to 3,290,000. Mikkelsen dropped to 4,100,000.

11:02 p.m. Avi Cohen is up to 5,000,000 now. He attributed his recent success to having pocket K's three times in a row! Average chip count is 2,500,000 with 50 players left. And there are 3 players over 6 million in chips.

11:48 p.m. Ladies and gentlemen, the price of poker just went up to level 24 having blinds of $25000/$50000 with a $5000 ante. Top dogs in the field are Ray Henson at 8,500,000 chips, Scott Freeman at 6,510,000, Lee Childs at 6,505,000, Philip Hilm 5,300,000 and Jerry Yang 5,200,000 rounding out the leading 5. Short stacked are Maria Ho 700,000, John Armbrust 290,000 and Nicholas Atlan 670,000.

1:11 a.m. Sunday July 15 Big upsets since midnight passed. For one, Avi Cohen is out of the Main Event after his all-in with A 8 met up with the A K of Hevad Khan who paired his King card on the river. Also Dag Martin Mikkelsen is also in the busted category. Dag had lost a lot of chips in a few hands, when he goes all-in preflop with A K. He was called by David Tran who had pocket A's, winning the hand and sending Dag to the cashier for his money. Tran is now up to 8,400,000. Chip leader is Philip Hilm with 9,000,000 now in his stack.

2:07 a.m. The game is upped to level 29 with blinds at $30000/$60000 with a $10000 ante. Add to the list of non-contenders Maria Ho, Rep Porter, Philip Yeh and Jeff Banghart. We have one more to go before things are shut down for the night. Just FYI, in a horrible display of disrespect, when Maria Ho was eliminated the spectators for the winner were extremely drunk and were high fiving the winner so close to the table Maria could not even get up. Hopefully bad conduct scenes like this will be addressed by the WSOP so that they do not reoccur. And if you read this Maria, congratulations you did well.

2:16 a.m. Ayaz Mahmood went out in 37th place and play ends for the night.

Top 50 players with chip counts and cashes:
  1. David Tran -- 10,280,000
  2. Philip Hilm -- 9,950,000
  3. Ray Henson -- 8,250,000
  4. Hevad Khan -- 7,585,000
  5. Kevin Farry -- 7,400,000
  6. Scott Freeman -- 7,360,000
  7. Lee Childs -- 6,520,000
  8. Jerry Yang -- 5,090,000
  9. Kenny Tran -- 4,955,000
  10. William Spadea -- 4,575,000
  11. Tuan Lam -- 3,600,000
  12. Lee Watkinson -- 3,500,000
  13. Stefan Mattsson -- 3,260,000
  14. Raymond Rahme -- 3,100,000
  15. Ron Kluber -- 3,070,000
  16. Bill Edler -- 2,680,000
  17. Jon Kalmar -- 2,665,000
  18. John Armbrust -- 2,600,000
  19. Peter Darvill -- 2,430,000
  20. Hoa Nguyen -- 2,205,000
  21. Bob Slezak -- 2,115,000
  22. Jason Welch -- 2,115,000
  23. Steven Garfinkle -- 2,115,000
  24. Jeff Bryan -- 2,100,000
  25. Mikkel Madsen - 2,080,000
  26. Christian Togsverd -- 2,030,000
  27. Daniel Alaei -- 1,995,800
  28. Scotty Nguyen -- 1,960,000
  29. Ryan Elson -- 1,785,000
  30. Paulo Loureiro -- 1,645,000
  31. Alex Kravchenko -- 1,555,000
  32. Jason Koshi -- 1,175,000
  33. Roy Winston -- 1,071,000
  34. Allan King -- 1,000,000
  35. Kevin Kim -- 610,000
  36. Robin Bergren -- 520,000
  37. Ayaz Mahmood -- $237,865
  38. Maria Ho -- $237,865
  39. Rep Porter -- $237,865
  40. Philip Yeh -- $237,865
  41. Jeff "The Rain" Banghart -- $237,865
  42. Dag Martin Mikkelsen -- $237,865
  43. Avi Cohen -- $237,865
  44. Senovio Ramirez -- $237,865
  45. Stig Tap Rasmussen -- $237,865
  46. Reagan Silber -- $190,053
  47. Nicholas Atlan -- $190,053
  48. Markus Gonsalves -- $190,053
  49. Adam White -- $190,053
  50. Ken Smith -- $190,053
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