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2007 World Series of Poker
Main Event Day 2B

The 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event Day 2B will combine the remaining players from Day 1C and 1D to play for 6 levels. Action will begin at 12:00 noon. Length of levels, breaks and dinner break will be the same as for prior days. Yesterday, the action at the tables went very fast. So fast to where the levels of play were changed to five, then the option of stopping at 350 was invoked with the day ending at 12:04 a.m. We can expect the same parameters to be applied to Day 2B. Play will begin at noon.

Total number of players to date:
  • Day 1A: Total players entered 1,287, players that survived 447
  • Day 1B: Total players entered 1,545, players that survived 589
  • Day 1C: Total players entered 1,743, players that survived 659
  • Day 1D: Total players entered 1,783, players that survived 641
  • Day 2A: Total players combined 1,036, players remaining 350
  • Day 2B: Total players combined 1,300
Here are the blinds and antes for the next 5 levels that will be played:
  • Level 7 $500/$1000 with $100 ante
  • Level 8 $600/$1200 with $200 ante
  • Level 9 $800/$1600 with $200 ante
  • Level 10 $1000/$2000 with $300 ante
  • Level 11 $1200/$2400 with $300 ante
  • Level 12 $1500/$3000 with $400 ante
12:12 p.m. Players were seated and action began once the words, "Shuffle up and deal!" were heard. Everyone will begin at level 7 with blinds of $500/$1000 with a $100 ante. The first bustout came within 60 seconds after the start. Tom Daly who had 12,500 chips pushed them to the middle with Ks 3s and was called by a player holding A 8 which turned into a set of Aces on the flop.

12:28 p.m. Vinny Vinh who left on Day 1D and didn't return, showed up today, reportedly at the insistance of his backers. Vinh still had 3,200 chips left over to make the cut for Day 2B. He did not last long, busting out on the second hand of play.

1:09 p.m. Recent eliminations are Phil Gordon, Brett Jungblut, Steve Dannenmann and David Plastik.

2:03 p.m. No longer playing in the Main Event due to elimination are Allen Cunningham, Bill Gazes, Susie Issacs, Rick Salomon, Jean Gaspard, John Phan, Anahit Galajian and Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame.

3:14 p.m. Brad Daugherty was recently busted out of the tournament. Following him are Paul "X-22" Magriel and Padraig Parkinson. But in the ensuing chaos, some players are hot! Nicholas Weisman has 436,000 chips and has been chewing up other players like breakfast cereal. Also doing well are Chip Jett with 299,000 chips, J.C. Tran 212,000, Gus Hansen at 210,000, Carlos Mortensen with 195,000, Chad Brown 184,000, Chris Ferguson 160,000, Daniel Negreanu 160,000, Bill Elder 170,000, Ted Forrest 140,000, Chris Moneymaker 120,000 and Daniel Alaei 150,000.

4:32 p.m. There are 810 players in the field at this time. Also another blind player with the help of an assistant Hal Lubarsky, is still in the game on Day 2B with 45,000 chips. In one hand Hal played with two other players, a flop of A A 5 came up. The other two players checked, Hal raised 6600 and the other players folded then Hal scooped the pot. Feel the power! Then in another hand, Hal hits quad 4's and wins a big pot, raising his chip count to 106,000.

5:03 p.m Gone from the Main Event are Glyn Banks, Ben Roberts and Eric Hershler. Other Main Event champions still in the field are Chris Ferguson with 180,000 chips, Chris Moneymaker 70,000, Robert Varkoyni 92,000 and Carlos Mortensen 190,000. Daniel Negreanu is also playing with his cheering section right behind him.

5:28 p.m. Play has gone to level 9 with blinds of $800/$1600 with a $200 ante. Number of players is currently at 740.

6:14 p.m. "Bad Beat of The Day" In a something-that-should-not-have-happened hand, Chad Brown raised 16,000 on a hand only to be re-raised with an all-in move of 50,000 by another player. Chad called and turned over Qh Qc and the other player turned over a "Doyle Brunson" of 10c 2d. The table showed Ah Kh 10h on the flop giving Chad 4 to a royal flush, turn card was 2s and the river card was a 4s resulting in the other player winning the hand with two pair (10's and 2's). So 70K in chips went from Chad Brown's stack to the other player.

6:47 p.m. Fabrice Soulier continues to build his stack higher and higher, especially after doubling up against Lee Watkinson to raise his total now to 220,000. Gus Hansen is over 400,000, Richard Weisman is at 485,000 and Bill Elder is at 365,000. Unfortunately Chris Moneymaker was busted out of the Main Event just recently.

7:02 p.m Dinner break will take place for the next 90 min. At this point there are 640 players in the field.

8:35 p.m. Blind player Hal Lubarsky has 170,000 in his stack after eliminating another opponent from the Main Event. Huck Seed, Berry Johnston, Chris Ferguson, Robert Varkoyni and Carlos Mortensen, all Main Event champions are still at the tables. Action is now taking place at level 10 with blinds at $1000/$2000 with a $300 ante.

9:41 p.m. Top players at this time are Brent Sheirbon 520,000, Gus Hansen 420,000, Sorel Mizzi and Rain Kahn at 400,000, Dario Minieri at 390,000. Play will continue through level 11 until 12:04 as in Day 2A.

10:38 p.m. We are now at 552 players in Day 2B. Latest bustouts include Ciaran O'Leary, Prahlad Friedman, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Bernard Lee, Kyle Wilson and Phillipe Boucher.

11:24 p.m. Heading towards the home strech, Gus Hansen is the new chip leader with 558,000 chips. Bill Elder is up to 475,000, Chad Brown is at 404,000, Kevin Kim hit a big hand to reach 470,000 with his stack and Fabrice Soulier also has his stack growing and is up to 345,000. On the down side Daniel Negreanu and Michael Binger are out of the Main Event. Pamela Brunson and Todd Brunson, daughter and son of Doyle Brunson are still in the game. Pamela has 90,000 chips and Todd has 122,000. And blind player Hal Lubarsky is still going strong with his stack up to 230,000.

12:10 a.m. Thursday July 12 We have come to the end of the day for this round with no new major player bustouts since the last post. There were 446 players remaining from Day 2B play.

Top 50 players and their chip counts:
  1. Gus Hansen -- 622,300
  2. Hevad Khan -- 592,500
  3. Brent Sheirbon -- 549,300
  4. Markus Gonsalves -- 512,400
  5. Robert Nehorayan -- 505,700
  6. Richard Weisman -- 495,400
  7. Bill Edler -- 486,700
  8. Sorel Mizzi -- 457,100
  9. Christian Toth -- 452,900
  10. Andy Philachack -- 451,500
  11. Patrick Huse -- 431,100
  12. Ryan Lawrence -- 429,500
  13. Kevin Kim -- 422,600
  14. Rick Munro -- 417,600
  15. Shawn Chaconas -- 407,800
  16. Kit Manoez -- 405,700
  17. Art Cole -- 405,700
  18. Jeremy Joseph --400,200
  19. Carl Olson -- 391,700
  20. Matt Keikoan -- 383,300
  21. Travis Belles -- 374,000
  22. Imran Ahmad -- 369,600
  23. Julian Powell -- 358,800
  24. Rami Boulfai -- 357,900
  25. Andrew Barnes -- 355,600
  26. Ben Lamb -- 355,500
  27. Francois Safieddine -- 354,800
  28. Kelly Jo McGlothlin -- 346,600
  29. Mao Qiu -- 345,000
  30. Robin Bergren -- 344,100
  31. Dario Minieri -- 343,700
  32. Joe Pharo -- 340,500
  33. Christian Abele -- 327,700
  34. Ed Betlow -- 327,000
  35. Andre Wagner -- 325,800
  36. Fabrice Soulier -- 325,700
  37. Tommy Burandt -- 320,300
  38. Chad Brown -- 320,000
  39. Billy Willis -- 314,700
  40. Kevin Farry -- 314,000
  41. Zachary Clark -- 312,600
  42. Marc Naalden -- 311,900
  43. Senovio Ramirez -- 310,300
  44. Petri Pollanen -- 310,200
  45. Hal Lubasky -- 307,900
  46. Ed De Haas -- 306,500
  47. Ayaz Mahmoop -- 304,400
  48. Clint Schafer -- 300,600
  49. Adam White -- 298,100
  50. Hasan Habib -- 296,700
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