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2007 World Series of Poker
Main Event Day 1D

Day 1D was a late addition to the Main Event lineup that was made June 30th. There will be 6 levels each lasting 120 minutes in length. Dinner break will be 1 1/2 hours long and breaks taken on each level will be 20 minutes. So in all fairness to the other players of A, B and C, players on Day 1D had better get ready for a 14 hour day that will end at 4:00 a.m. Our advice is to stay close to some coffee and good luck to all!

The official player numbers are here. Day 1D will be updated when the information is released:
  • Day 1A: Total players entered 1,287, players that survived 447
  • Day 1B: Total players entered 1,545, players that survived 589
  • Day 1C: Total players entered 1,743, players that survived 659
  • Day 1D: Total players entered 1,783
These are the blinds and antes for the levels that will be played on Day 1D:
  • Level 1 $50/$100
  • Level 2 $100/$200
  • Level 3 $200/$400
  • Level 4 $200/$400 with $50 ante
  • Level 5 $300/$600 with $75 ante
  • Level 6 $400/$800 with $100 ante
11:34 a.m. The last round of Day 1 will begin shortly at noon. Stay with us for the latest on what is taking place at the tables!

12:05 p.m. Everyone has heard the order to "Shuffle Up and Deal!", and with that Day 1D is underway.

12:37 p.m. It takes all kinds at the WSOP, as one player has a pair of cymbals that he clangs together when he wins a pot. He could end up becoming a target very quickly for the top players. Speaking of top players, at the tables today are Cyndy Violette, Gus Hansen, Shawn Sheikhan, Antonio Esfandiari, David Plastik, Sully Erna from the band "Godsmack", Daniel Negreanu, Chip Reese, Ralph Perry, Young Phan, Chris Tsiparailidis, Doug "Rico" Carli, David Chiu, Maria Ho, 2006 Main Event winner Jamie Gold and Steve Zolotow. Phil Hellmuth has not arrived yet. It could be that he has to make transportation arrangements after wrecking a race car he drove at 172 miles an hour that was sponsored by Ultimate Bet. Phil was able to walk away from the crash shaken, but unharmed. If he shows he may not be in a good mood, so we will keep you informed. Read about the accident Phil was in.

1:29 p.m. Former senator Alfonse D'Amato who is chairman of the Poker Players Alliance, was the one to give the announcement 'Shuffle up and deal' today. Michael Craig just hit four Aces to win a nice hand and raise his stack up to 23,800. Layne Flack is up to 40,000 after hitting a King high flush. Names of other players to show up include Joe Bartholdi, Fred Goldberg, Susie Isaacs, Martin de Knijff, David Benyamine, Erica Schoenberg, Eric Froehlich and Chip Reese. Plus in a not so surprising announcement, iPhones have been banned are not allowed out at the tables as they can be used as cell phones.

2:05 p.m. Remember the 3-way bet between Jeff Madsen/Joe Sebok/Gavin Griffin? Well the world knows Madsen spent all day in a jester costume because he lost and that the 'king' Joe Sebok walked in to his Day 1 seat instead of being carried because Griffin was out playing golf. Well today Griffin had on a jester costume which you should see on ESPN because the cameras followed him everywhere. But when he sat down to play, he took it off. Rumor has it that he paid Sebok $20,000 to get out of that part of the bet. We wonder what Jeff Madsen thinks about that? Any additional updates come out of this and we will let you know.

2:44 p.m. To give additional follow up on the cell phone usage issue, tournament director Jack Effel stated in reviewing the rules before start that you could not be on a cellphone or text messaging when the first card is dealt. If you are, your hand will be declared dead. Eliminated early was Brad Booth losing to another player's full house (Q's/5's). Phil Hellmuth still has not shown up and there was no word about any changes in his condition, so if he suffered any problems after that car crash we will let you know.

3:05 p.m. Well Phil Hellmuth arrived to play. He pulled up in a limo wearing a racing uniform and a helmet. There were 11 women representing the 11 bracelets that he won, and they escorted him from the parking lot, through the doors and down the corridor to the Amazon room to take his seat. He stated he was sore and stiff, but he has won bracelets being in more pain than what he is now. After the news of the crash, some made statements to the effect that it may have just been a publicity stunt. Don't deluge us with emails, let every man and woman keep their own thoughts on this one.

4:10 p.m. Bad beat of the day came up between two players Ramesh Bavireddy and Christian Grundtvig. Ramesh had pocket 3's and the flop was 7 3 3, so he checked his opponent raised and was called. The cards that followed were 7 7. Guess who had the other two 7's? Yeah, Christian had them and won a pot that put him up to $35,000. More names gone on the elimination trail were Travis Rice and Hank Azaria (voice character for The Simpsons).

4:53 p.m. Eric Lynch was busted out of the Main Event as his A 10 lost out to pocket Q's. Following him were Michael Gracz and Devon Miller. But some players are hot right now such as Paul 'X-22' Magriel with 63,000 chips, Chip Reese 46,000, Gus Hansen 38,000, Ralph Perry 47,000 and Vinny Vinh 34,500. Vinny if you remember was not able to play on Day 1A because he was in the hospital. But he seems to be doing better and is in true form at the tables. There are just under 1100 players left at the tables.

5:45 p.m. Okay here are some hot stats:
  • Total number of players is 6,358.
  • The prize pool for the Main Event has reached $59,784,954.
  • Number of players to be paid from prize pool are 621 or 9.77% of field.
  • Minimum amount for 621st place is $20,320
  • Top prize for first place is $8,250,000
  • Number of instant millionaires to be created will be 5
  • Total number of players for Day 1D is 1,783
More details will be released as they become available.

6:35 p.m. Phil Hellmuth Jr. was busted, eliminated, flushed away or whatever you want to call it, and he is no longer in the Main Event. He was all-in with A Q and his opponent had pocket 10's (10c, 10d), the flop was Jc Jd 9c, turn card was a Qc and the river card was a 6c which made a Queen high flush for the other player. And this meant good-by for one of the best skilled, egotistical, arrogant, self absorbed players in the history of the game. After the announcement was given of his bust, cheers and clapping were heard everywhere...because they were happy he was gone! (And that's the truth Ruth.)

7:10 p.m. Recent eliminations now include Robert Williamson III when his two pair (Q's and 6's) were overcome by another players Jack high straight.

7:30 p.m. Players will break for 90 min to eat dinner.

9:02 p.m. Players are now back from dinner break. The list of the fallen now include Cyndy Violette, Ed Moncada, Martin de Knijff and Pete Lawson.

10:10 p.m. Back in Event #19 we came to know a colorful woman by the name of Karen Thomas. Well she is back in the Main Event and is doing well, on one hand she tripled up on a set of Aces. Everyone around her enjoys when she wins a pot, mostly the guys, because they want to see how she will celebrate the hand. New eliminations are Erica Schoenberg, Steve Zolotow, Paul Darden, William Thorson and Danny Wong.

10:12 p.m. 2006 Main Event winner Jamie Gold has been sent to the rail. What happened is that he went all-in short stacked holding Qs 9s and his opponent who called had Ah 7c. The table showed Kd 6d 5s 7d Kh meaning his opponent won with an Ace high hand. I guess there will be no manipulating players at the final table this year for Jamie Gold.

11:35 p.m. We are now around the 1,000 player mark. During level 4, 220 players went to the sidelines. At 120 minutes per level that is almost 2 players per minute. Names of eliminated players now include Chip Reese, Nam Le, Alan Boston, Joe Bartholdi, Tuan Le, Dale Pinchot and James "Krazy Kanuck" Worth.

12:02 a.m. Tuesday July 10th This update would have held the information to the Payout Schedule for the Main Event, but it was too large. You will find it on our Day 2A page which can be accessed by the links on the left side.

12:47 a.m. Vinny Vinh has left the Amazon room and not come back. So far his chips are being blinded off. This is the 3rd time this Series that he has either not shown up or left and not returned. Just coming back from the hospital, we hope this is not a sign of more serious issues with Vinny. Also not here due to elimination are Ali Eslami, Michael Craig, Young Phan, Michelle Lau and Russell Rosenbloom. And the Paris Hilton of the poker world, Brandi Hawbaker, just busted out of the Main Event. Without going into detail the final hand reveals insight to her character. When the hand was over, the winning player said, 'Sorry Brandi' to which Brandi stated, 'Go f*** yourself!'.

2:25 a.m. David Beyamine has been sent to the rail and is no longer in the Main Event. Following him are Eric Froehlich, Dutch Boyd, David Stan, Michael Newburger and WPT tournament champion Surinder Sunar. The final level is being played and some of the top players are Mickey "Mouse" Mills 170,000, Matt Keikoan 170,000, Cindy Longoria 160,000, Ted Forrest 120,000, Dan Heimiller 117,000 and Chip Jett 115,000. Other favorite players still in the game are Daniel Negreanu 48,000, Layne Flack 50,000,Mimi Tran 45,000, Michael Binger 43,000 and Carlos Mortensen 60,000.

NOTE: In an earlier update we stated that Russell Rosenbloom was busted. Our mistake as he is still at the tables with 50,000 chips at last count.

3:30 a.m. Day 1D has ended a little early compared to the other day 1 events. There were a few more eliminations at the end and the names of the players are Bob and Maureen Feduniak, Brian Haveson, Shawn Sheikhan, Antonio Esfandiari, Erick Lindgren, Tommy Vu, Marcello del Grosso, Freddy Deeb, Chris Karragulleyan and James Mackey. The top 50 player with chip counts will be up as soon as the information is released. Good night all!

Top 50 players for Day 1D with chip counts:
  1. Josh Evans -- 240,000
  2. Mickey "Mouse" Mills -- 180,000
  3. Cindy Longoria -- 166,000
  4. John "Kunkuwap" Tabatabai -- 161,500
  5. Ben Lamb -- 160,000
  6. Matt Keikoan -- 155,000
  7. Dan Heimiller -- 153,000
  8. Ted Forrest -- 150,000
  9. Mike Laing -- 145,000
  10. Anthony Reategui -- 140,000
  11. Raymond Lau -- 140,000
  12. Zak Alameddine -- 136,300
  13. Kyle Wilson -- 130,000
  14. J.T. Fulton -- 125,000
  15. Chip Jett -- 123,000
  16. Sorel Mizzi -- 122,000
  17. Goevry Gilles -- 120,000
  18. Thor Hansen -- 114,000
  19. Fabio "Zebra" Monteiro -- 111,000
  20. Julian Powell -- 110,000
  21. Antanas Hambardzhiev -- 110,000
  22. Matt Brady -- 110,000
  23. Michael Lynn -- 108,000
  24. Vlado Matinkovic -- 100,000
  25. Hooman Nikzad -- 100,000
  26. Chris "The Armenian Express" Grigorian -- 96,000
  27. Danny Smith -- 95,000
  28. Michael Binger -- 94,000
  29. Nathan Adler -- 93,500
  30. Mike Carroll -- 88,000
  31. Jimmy Dahlquist -- 88,000
  32. Karlo Lopez -- 86,000
  33. Carlos Mortensen -- 85,000
  34. James English -- 82,000
  35. Alfredo Salinas -- 80,000
  36. Chau Ngu -- 80,000
  37. Bill Edler -- 80,000
  38. Court Harrington -- 80,000
  39. Jens Bergsdorf -- 80,000
  40. Jonathan Michaels -- 80,000
  41. Kevin O'Brien -- 76,000
  42. Brandon Gerson -- 76,000
  43. Ralph Perry -- 74,000
  44. Jason Stern -- 74,000
  45. Maria Ho -- 71,000
  46. Kyle Morris -- 70,000
  47. Matt Russell -- 66,000
  48. Yosh Nakano -- 65,000
  49. Gus Hansen -- 65,000
  50. Ron "Grumpy" Ware -- 64,000
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