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2007 World Series of Poker
Events 11 to 15

Event #11 | #12 | #13 | #14 | #15

Each year the popularity of the World Series of Poker continues to grow and poker tournaments have had a huge upsurge as a recreational form of gambling. In a report created by Nielsen Research, 44% of poker players are aged between 21-49 years old, and that there has been a 370% increase in poker tournament play along with a 60% increase in live poker action over the past year at land-based casinos and poker rooms.

Event #11 June 6 Wednesday 5:00 PM
World Championship Seven Card Stud 3 day event $5,000.00

With 180 entries on Day 1, a prize pool of $846,000 was created with money going to the top 24. The list of players was a creme de la creme of poker. Seen in the field were Maureen Feduniak, Jan Sorensen, Johnny Chan, Max Pescatori, Phil Ivey, Josh Arieh, Mel Judah, Bill Edler, David Levi, Jeffrey Lisandro, Mickey Appleman, Cyndy Violette, John Juanda and Barry Greenstein to name a few! All of these players were fortunate enough to continue on to Day 2 as part of a field of 86. Which means not everyone made it such as Sam Grizzle, Chris Ferguson, Chad Brown, Gabe Kaplan, Doyle Brunson, Layne Flack, Ram Vaswani and Huck Seed.

Day 2 had a goal of playing from the 86 remaining from Day 1 to 8 for the final table. More top names went out from the start such as 2006 Main Event final table player Allen Cunningham, Howard Lederer, Isabelle Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Mel Judah, Cyndy Violette, John Juanda, Max Pescatori, Sherkhan Farnood and Maureen Feduniak. But not everyone had a bad day, such as David Oppenheim who took in huge pots including one big monster one from Ted Lawson. Phil Ivey who is in line for a 6th WSOP bracelet, could not be slowed down today either winning big hands as well. Twelve hours later, around 3:00 a.m. the next day the finalists for the final table were determined. They are expected to play at 3:00 p.m. on June 8th.

Play for Day 3 was underway a little after 3:00 p.m. The ante is $2,000, and the bring-in is $3,000, limits of $10,000/$20,000. First bustout happened with Marco Traniello in 8th courtesy of Phil Ivey. Oriane Teysseire lost out to the set of 7's of Chris Reslock, finishing in 7th. Reslock also sent Ted Lawson to the rail with a full house for a 6th place finish for Ted. Reslock also won another hand with a King high flush, eliminating Theo Jorgensen in 5th place. Pat Pezzin was gone in 4th place after meeting the set of 6's held by David Oppenheim. But Oppenheim himself ended up in 3rd place, losing to the two pair 7's and 2's of Chris Reslock.

Chris Reslock held a dominating position in the heads up holding 1.4 million chips to Phil Ivey with 325,000 chips. But in less than 15 min Event #11 was a done deal. Final hands for both players were Reslock 10c 10s 4d 10d Kd 2s Jh and Ivey 7c 7h 8h Qd 8s 9s (mucked), giving Reslock the win earning $258,453, a Corum watch, and a coveted gold and diamond WSOP bracelet.

Final Table Results:

  1. Chris Reslock -- $258,453
  2. Phil Ivey -- $143,820
  3. David Oppenheim -- $93,060
  4. Pat Pezzin -- $61,335
  5. Theo Jorgensen -- $46,530
  6. Ted Lawson -- $35,532
  7. Oriane Teysseire -- $27,072
  8. Marco Traniello -- $19,458

Event #12 June 7 Thursday 12 Noon
No-Limit Hold'em/Six Handed 3 day event $1,500.00

This tournament was a big one with 1427 players signing up to enter for part of a $1,947,855 prize pool. And talking about a star fest of players! Who was in this one, well take the names in Event #11 triple it, add more and you may come close. Tables were full of people and alternates were everywhere with more signing up to play! Everyone had 3,000 in chips to start with blinds at the normal $25/$50 and levels changing hourly. Payout structure is juicy with money going to 126 finishers. The pace of table action was incredibly fast as only 61 were left by the end of the day at 2:00 a.m. With a six-handed event, starting hand values move up very fast. It puts players in a situation to where they may have to play hands that are not that great because blinds are moving around the table nearly twice as fast as in a 10 person per table tournament. One bad hand can leave you scrambling, like Thomas Walroos who ended up with a 'chip and a chair' in two hands, and yes he did bust out on the next hand. On Day 2, the 61 who remain will play until a final table of 6 are reached.

Day 2 continued the lightning fast pace of play with 10 players gone in the first 15 minutes! Eliminated from the tournament are John Esposito Jr., Fred Goldberg, J.C. Tran, Scott Shea, Joe Awada, David Pham, Erik Seidel, John Cernuto and Douglas Carli. One interesting story came out about Matt Brady in that he was told by tournament officials after the dinner break that he was given 75,000 chips too many when the $500 chips were colored up. Imagine coming back to your stack after a break and finding 75,000 of your chips gone! Tournament officials reviewed a tape from the security cameras and it proved they were right, and all Matt could do was go back to his seat and play. (Is this how the Phil Hellmuth personalities of the poker world are born?) Well Matt made the final 6 and will have a chance to compete for the championship bracelet.

Final table play began at 4:00 p.m. inside the "Bluff Sequestrium Tent" and action was very fast paced to say the least. Tons of all-in moves took place on the way to the championship. The blinds began at $10,000/$20,000 with a $3,000 ante and were soon raised to $15,000/$30,000 with a $4,000 ante. First two to go were Brian Miller in 6th and Matt Brady in 5th both who lost to Jason Warner. David Mitchell Lolis eventually went out in 4th after resuscitating his short stack back to life a few times (not easy to do here!) Steven Olek went out in 3rd losing to David Zeitlin who won by a Ace kicker. The heads up began with a $2,900,000 chip stack for David Zeitlin and a $1,300,000 chip amount for Jason Warner. Once underway, lady luck did not stay with Zeitlin as he lost hand after hand whittling his stack down to 600,000. At that point Zeitlin moved all-in preflop with Qh 4s and was called by Warner holding Ad 6d. The table showed 9c 7h 3s 4h 6s, allowing Warner to become champion by the river card.

Final table results:

  1. Jason Warner -- $481,698
  2. David Zeitlin -- $269,778
  3. Steve Olek -- $186,020
  4. David Mitchell Lolis -- $123,689
  5. Matt Brady -- $92,523
  6. Brian Miller -- $61,357

Event #13 June 8 Friday 12 Noon
World Championship Pot Limit Hold'em 3 day event $5,000.00

There were 398 players which entered this tournament, breaking the number set for the event last year by 20 players. And again the field is thick with top pros. Prize pool size is $1,870,000, money will go to 36 players and $487,287 to the tournament champion. All players were given $10,000 in chips each to start. Crowds were huge at this event. So huge to where players had a harder time than usual taking a break. But one thing was for sure, with the ton of star players here, action at the tables was going be taken seriously. Can't afford to make mistakes here! Among the busted were Jamie Gold, Barry Greenstein, Tuan Le, Harabolos Voulgaris, Michael Mizrachi, Antonio Esfandiari, William Chen, John D´┐ŻAgostino, Tom Franklin and Lee Watkinson. Play stopped on Day 1 with 45 players remaining.

Day 2 had to begin at 3 p.m. instead of 2 due to the incredible amount of players entering Event #15. Today was good for some, not good for others. Kirill Gerasimov had pocket A's and immediately called an all-in move by another player who had pocket J's. Remainder of the hand produced a J 2 2, the loss weakening Gerasimov's stack severely. He did go out in 33rd at least seeing some cash for his efforts. Also in the valley of the eliminated were Scott Fischman, Chris Ferguson, Michael Binger, Fred Bonyadi, Cyndy Violette who was the unfortunate 'bubble girl' in 37th, Michael Gracz, Phil Hellmuth Jr., Robert Williamson III, Kathy Liebert and Mike Matusow. It was good for Humberto Brenes who made the final table. His shark toy marker and humor will keep things entertaining. But it won't be easy as Jeffrey Lisandro, Allen Cunningham and other top players want the bracelet too. (The cash will let them buy a shark toy as well if they want one.)

Final table play began at 3:00 p.m. with the players, their chips and the shark toy ready for action. Alan Jaffray went out in 9th after his A J ran into the pocket K's of Gavin Griffin. Keith Lehr was gone in 8th after his pocket 10's could not fight back against the pocket Q's of Jeffrey Lisandro. Next victim on Lisandro's list was Gavin Griffin who took home the paycheck for 7th after meeting a nut flush hand. Travis Rice went to the rail in 6th courtesy of Allen Cunningham. Then in a fantastic hand, Lisandro took out both Joe Patrick in 5th place and 2006 champion of this event Jason Lester in 4th at the same time! (Patrick was 5th because between the two he started with the most chips.) Patrick had pocket 7's, Lester A K but Lisandro had pocket Q's which gave him the victory in that 3-way. And Humberto Brenes walked away in 3rd place, losing to Allen Cunningham. In that hand Brenes went all-in with 10 9 and Allen called with A Q. Brenes then began having the shark swim the table being followed by a fish hook Lisandro brought with him. Allen managed to pair his Queen and eliminated Brenes from the tournament.

Cunningham said in an interview that he did not want to face Lisandro in a heads up battle, but sometimes things just don't work out. They began with Allen Cunningham having 2,155,000 chips and Jeff Lisandro 1,825,000. This battle lasted 4 1/2 hours before the winning hand came. On that hand both players went all-in preflop with Cunningham K 9 to Lisandro's pocket Q's. When a K came up on the turn, the crowd at the rail erupted in shouting. Because not only did Cunningham win the event with the paired Kings, he also earned WSOP bracelet number 5 as well.

Final Table Results:

  1. Allen Cunningham -- $487,287
  2. Jeffrey Lisandro -- $294,620
  3. Humberto Brenes -- $197,348
  4. Jason Lester -- $132,813
  5. Joe Patrick -- $99,142
  6. Travis Rice -- $78,565
  7. Gavin Griffin -- $58,924
  8. Keith Lehr -- $43,959
  9. Alan Jaffray -- $31,800

Event #14 June 8 Friday 5:00 PM
Seven Card Stud 2 day event $1,500.00

There were 385 people who entered this tournament. If it were not for the No-Limit Hold'Em tourney taking place on the 9th, chances are more would have signed up to play. But a prize pool of $525,525 was created to be divvied up between the top 32. Seen at the tables were David Williams who is the 2006 champion at this event, John Juanda, John Cernuto, Greg Raymer, Ted Forrest, Phil Ivey, Thor Hansen, Barbara Lewis, Shawn Sheikhan and Josh Arieh. Action began in the Pavilion, known as the tent of horrors, and was later moved inside the Amazon room. Good hands increased the fortune of many such as Ted Forrest when he produced 3 Aces to a board of 9c 7d 9s 8h, allowing him to pull down a huge pot and making the top 9 list for the night. Others doing well include Mimi Tran who ended the day with 12,400 chips and Barbara Enright 9,500. Still in the game that will play on Day 2 would be David Williams 5,800, Greg Raymer 5,950, Michael Mizrachi 8,325 and Gabriel Thaler 5,400. There will be 155 players at the tables tomorrow which will play down to the title as this is a two day event.

Greg Raymer had an incredible run on the way to the final table, picking up big hands and big pots. Barry Greenstein also received fantastic results as well. But playing to the championship made for a long day, and when it came time for the final table many voiced their concern regarding continuing. The decision was made to go on and Larry Eubanks left in 9th after meeting the full house J's/9's of Michael Keiner. John Robertson went out in 7th after losing in a 4-way hand involving Michael Keiner, Steve Sung and Greg Raymer. Then Raymer who was hurt badly in that hand (only 15,500 chips remaining), was eliminated in 6th. Dale Phillips soon followed in a 5th place finish. Barry Greenstein left the table in 4th, losing to the paired 10's of Nesbitt Coburn. Coburn also busted Steve Sung in 3rd with two pair (K's and 10's).

Chip counts of the heads up participants were Nesbitt Coburn 530,000 and Michael Keiner 640,000. Fatigue began to show as Keiner made a flush on the river twice and simply checked his hand. But it still only took 30 of play for him to become the latest holder of a diamond and gold bracelet. By 3rd street Coburn was all-in and Keiner called him. Their hands were Coburn 10s 4h (3s 9d Jh As) 4c and Keiner Ks Kc (2h 4s 3h 2s) Qd, giving Keiner the clear victory and the title of champion.

Final table results:

  1. Michael Keiner -- $146,987
  2. Nesbitt Coburn -- $80,876
  3. Steve Sung -- $51,222
  4. Barry Greenstein -- $33,698
  5. Dale Phillips -- $26,150
  6. Greg Raymer -- $19,680
  7. John Robertson -- $15,097
  8. Larry Eubanks -- $11,053

Event #15 June 9 Saturday 12 Noon
No-Limit Hold´┐Żem 3 day event $1,500.00

The No Limit Hold'Em seem to be the top draws at the WSOP. This event set a new attendance record with 3,009 players at the tables! There are soooooo many people, that the Amazon room is filled to maximum capacity! Seen at the tables were David Williams and his mother Shirley, J.C. Tran, David Plastik, Freddy Deeb, Burt Boutin, John Gale, Erica Schoenberg, Shannon Shorr, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Alaei, Erick Lindgren and Lee Watkinson. First place in Event #15 will pay $637,254 and 270 players will receive prize money from a staggering $3,587,220 dollar prize pool. Here is the payout structure for the final table:

  1. $637,254
  2. $394,594
  3. $247,518
  4. $161,425
  5. $112,997
  6. $82,506
  7. $64,570
  8. $48,427
  9. $38,025
Card action was fierce as 2/3rd of the 3009 player field were gone by level 4 which took about 5 hours. Most of the pros in the event did not become highly excited about the potential of winning a bracelet in such a large field. The general attitude was to make it or break out and get into the H.O.R.S.E. event. By the time 2:00 a.m. rolled around, there were 170 left that were all in the money. Round two of this tournament will take place at 2:00 p.m. on June 10th.

Day 2 action took up where Day 1 left off with bustouts happening at a rapid rate. The only difference between yesterday and today is that true leaders were emerging, and they would make the final table. Phil Hellmuth was actually incredible today, playing like this is the tournament that will give him the 11th bracelet. His table was full with spectators hoping to catch a repeat performance of Day 2 of Event #10 but that did not happen. Ut Nguyen, brother of Men "The Master" Nguyen, did well also making the final table. Fabrice Soulier who became a very visible chip leader for a while during the 2006 Main Event will also be there as well as Morgan Machina. Someone will take the gold and diamond bracelet home, but it won't be easy for anyone. The last day of this tourney will start on June 11th at 2:00 p.m.

At 3:45 p.m. PDT, players sat down at the tables to see who would become champion. Phil Hellmuth Jr. was the one to watch as a win will give him the title of holder of the most WSOP bracelets of all time. Eliminations began quickly with Taylor Douglas going in 9th place after losing to the King high hand of Scott Clements. Clements also busted Ut Nguyen in 8th place with a full house 2's/10's. Fabrice Soulier lost out in a 3-way hand with Rick Fuller and Phil Hellmuth for a 7th place finish. David Simon took home a paycheck for 6th place when his pocket 10's were overcome by the paired A's of Rick Fuller. A highly determined Phil Hellmuth sent David Simon home in 5th when Phil paired his 10 card on the hand. Morgan Machina laid claim to 3rd after his Queen flush draw didn't make it and Andy Philachack paired his Ace card.

Phil was very aggressive this whole final table, letting everyone know he was not messing around today. He was rewarded with a heads up between him having 5,732,000 in chips to Andy Philachack with 2,152,000 in his stack. Blinds were raised to $60,000/$120,000 and a $15,000 ante. Hellmuth then went to work, winning the first four hands of the heads up, raising his stack to 7 million. On hand number seven it was all over. Philachack goes all-in with Ac 10c and was called by Hellmuth holding As 3c. Cards that came up were 9h 3d 4c Qh Jh, giving Hellmuth the win and the 11th WSOP bracelet with a pair of 3's. When he went above the final table to accept his reward, it was presented to him by Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan who were in a 3-way tie with Hellmuth until tonight.

Final table players and their chip counts:
  1. Phil Hellmuth Jr. -- $637,254
  2. Andy Philachack -- $394,594
  3. Rick Fuller -- $247,518
  4. Morgan Machina -- $161,425
  5. Scott Clements -- $112,997
  6. David Simon -- $82,506
  7. Fabrice Soulier -- $64,570
  8. Ut Nguyen -- $48,427
  9. Taylor Douglas -- $38,025

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